WWE Live Event Results 3/26/2016: Richmond, Virginia

WWE Live Event Results
WWE Live Event Results

WWE Live Event Results 3/26/16: And here came another live World Wrestling Entertainment event. It concluded with all the expected excitement and expectations. It took place in Richmond, Virginia on March 26, 2016. Below are the results for the event with a little of highlights. (see: Amazon Moto G controversy.)

There was a total of 8 matches on the game card scheduled for the day play. Style, Breeze, Hype Bros., Ascension, Swagger, Miz, Tamina, Naomi, Lynch, Sasha Banks, New Day, Usos, Natalya, Dudley, Owen, Charlotte, Barrett, Semi Zayn, Ambrose, Sheamus, and Roman Reigns participated.

WWE Live Event Results 3/26/2016

It started with the first match between Styles and Breeze in which AJ won, and Tyler got defeated with a phenomenal forearm. It was a great opening wrestling game.

The second one was between Ascension and Hype Bros in which Hype won. Initially, the crowd was all quite when the Ryder was inside the ring. However, the audience got excited when MOJO came. Richmond looked like MOJO.

The next in the series was Miz vs Jack Swagger. Miz started his presence with a tribute to the legend Rick. He referred the public as fat lazy sweat hogs. After that, he wished a couple on their occasion of ten years of marriage anniversary. Then, he told her that he would show her what a real man look like. He imitated Rick by taking his coat off just like Rick used to do in the 80s. Jack got defeated in the battle.

WWE Live Event Results

The fourth match came up. It was a partner game in which Naomi and Tamina fought with Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Banks and Lynch won when Sasha made Naomi tap out in the bank statement. Tamina tried to make save but Becky applied the disarmer on him.

Then, there was a triple threat match for the tag team championship. Usos, Dudleys, and New Day, fought with one another. New Day won when Usos tried to make the Xavier tags. Usos made a splash, but Xavier threw him out and pinned Devon. However, post match, Dudleys attacked Usos, but Usos recovered and sent Dudley home.

Next, in the match card, was a game between Divas, Natalya and Charlotte. The Divas champion came with her father, Ric Flair. Flair’s daughter won with a botched roll up. It took some time to ring the bell.

WWE Live Event Results

The second-last match was the Intercontinental Championship between Kavin Owen and Sami Zayn. Before the event, it was decided that Kevin will fight with Ambrose in a street fighter. However, the match that happened was also excellent.

It became the game of the night in which Zayn won by DQ. At a time, Owen didn’t stop, ignored the five counts of the referee and kept attacking Zayn. After a while, Owen tried to give Zayn a powerbomb, but Zayn attacked and hit a drop kick.

The last match was between King Barrett and Sheamus, and Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. The public exploded when Ambrose came out. Roman and Dean won by spearing Barrett for the pin.

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