8 Things Your Gym Needs to Stand out From the Crowd

8 Things Your Gym Needs to Stand out From the Crowd

In any neighborhood, there are countless gyms to choose from. Once people have decided to work out, the next hardest decision is where to do it. Using a sports club website builder, you can develop a website that shows potential customers exactly why your gym stands out. If you highlight the following eight factors, you’ll be sure to leave them thinking there’s no other option!

8 Things Your Gym Needs to Stand out From the Crowd
8 Things Your Gym Needs to Stand out From the Crowd
  1. Affordable Membership Costs

You obviously have a bottom line, but it’s important to have attractive membership costs. Anyone concerned about their finances will choose a cheaper gym over a more expensive one. We recommend researching gyms indoor area and comparing prices. While you don’t need to be the cheapest, you certainly don’t want to be the most expensive.

If you establish a middle-of-the-pack price, you can sweeten the deal by offering special benefits for price-conscious customers. For instance, students are often on budgeting, making student discounts an important marketing tool. Another option is to offer complimentary childcare for parents who are juggling complicated finances.

  1. Market to Your Demographic

Those special benefits we mentioned above? They depend entirely on the type of crowd you’re trying to attract. If your gym is in the middle of the finance district, brainstorm what appeals to businesspeople. Alternatively, if you’re near a high school, you may be able to bring student-athletes in. Your website design and marketing materials should match the aesthetic of the demographic you’re targeting. It’s better to find a niche than to be one-size-fits-all.

  1. Location, Location, Location.

If you’ve yet to start your gym and are looking for the perfect location, consider how central it is. You don’t want to be far out in the suburbs if everyone lives in the city. Alternatively, if the city is overrun with gyms, you may want to become a central option for those in the suburbs. And even if you already have a location chosen, spend time in the community and learn more about their interests and needs. You could become a neighborhood sensation! Either way, be sure to clearly advertise the perks of your location on your website.

8 Things Your Gym Needs to Stand out From the Crowd

  1. Flexible Hours

Your gym needs to work for your customers. In addition to clearly displaying your hours on your website, you need to be sure those hours of operation are effective. If you’re in a business district, you may want to open late at night and early in the morning to catch people before work. Alternatively, if you’re in a quiet neighborhood, the cost of being open at night may not be worth it. This all comes back to your target demographic.

  1. Personal Trainers and Specialized Classes

While some people may come to the gym knowing exactly what to do, many are looking for a bit of guidance. Offering personal trainers for one-on-one work as well as group fitness classes can bring crowds in. Consider including photos and bios for each of your trainers to add a personal touch on your website. Also, create an easy-to-use calendar for availability and sign-ups. People are far more likely to take advantage of (and pay extra for) these services if they can register from the comfort of their home.

  1. Great Facilities

Not all treadmills are created equal! Potential customers are looking for new, up-to-date equipment. In addition, you need to offer a variety of equipment types, ranging from options for cardio training to weight machines and free weights. You also need to have enough equipment to satisfy the majority of customers during peak hours.

In addition, customers will be looking for a clean gym. From the floors of the entryway to the locker rooms, your cleaning crew needs to be on the floor hourly. Gyms are naturally sweaty (and often smelly) places. You can combat that by being proactive and keeping things up to your customers’ standards.

A great way to highlight your facilities is to include high-quality, appealing photographs on your website. Showcase all your hard work and let clients see just how great your gym is. It can also help to put a few decorations up to tie it all together. The atmosphere is everything in a gym!

  1. Showcase Any Extra Services

Long gone are the days when gyms were just a set of weights. Today, many gyms offer pools, tanning beds, massage chairs, and more. While you’re by no means required to offer these things, be sure to market them if you do! While many customers will consider these an additional perk they’ll use from time to time, others will buy a membership exclusively for the perks. Even something as simple as offering breakfast once a week can make a difference. As a result, keep these benefits front and center on your home page.

  1. Be Transparent

We all know someone who went through the hassle of canceling a complicated gym membership. Many gyms make it difficult to cancel plans in an effort to boost profits. While this may be a smart financial move, it can be bad for business. You’ll stand out from the crowd if your website makes all of your policies extremely clear. Make it easy for people to sign up and opt out. Also clearly display any rules or procedures, so there’s never a dispute or misunderstanding. Gyms intimate people, but laying everything out in the open can make you stand out among the rest.

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