Amazon To Cancel All Orders of Moto G Turbo Edition Booked With Huge Discount Due To Pricing Error


As a technical glitch, Amazon has provided a coupon code to users for booking Moto G Turbo Edition with whooping discount.

The handset priced at 12,499 rs on the e-commerce website, were purchased by the users for 4,999 rs with approximately 7,500 rupees discount. The discount was given after the users apply the code ‘GYJQJ3YW’

Although its not the first time when Amazon is facing such a problem, many times earlier the website have given codes for which the orders will get cancel automatically in future.


There is a controversy that e-commerce websites do these things as a publicity stunt and to increase footfall on their website. Last month a court slammed Snapdeal a fine of 20,000 rs for cancelling an order of a customer because of pricing error

Many other bloggers have accused that these things were done to rank better and get free promotion of their products. Snapdeal and Amazon were the primary suspects who do these type of things again and again.


According to our information as after chat with the customer care, we came to know that all orders of Moto G Turbo Edition are going to cancelled.

Amazon Official Reply:

Thank you for staying connected. We have just received an update stating that the promotion is not a valid promotion. As it was a 3rd Party promotion and due to a technical glitch the code was accepted on There as an update stating that the existing orders would be cancelled. The orders that were dispatched would be called back and would be returning back to us by the courier. I agree that this promotion code got accepted on due to a glitch, but then I see that this promotion was never mentioned on It was only mentioned on a different medium.


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  1. Guys, I am not sure about this POST.

    Here is my chat with Amazon customer care guy around 3 50 PM today.

    • Request to all buyers to go to consumer court and file a case. Like SnapDeal, FlipKart if they did fault, they have to deliver right product + Penalty to customer.

      Amazone ka stunt, usko hee bhari padna chahiye!!

  2. Me: just to confirm that I had got good discount on this order, I want you to confirm that It will not be canceled saying some pricing error.
    Amazon: Please don’t worry at all, I will take care for the same.
    Item will not cancel and it will surely get deliver to your door step without any issue.
    I can assure you for the same.
    If you want then I can send you a confirmation mail for the same.
    All the customer who had placed an order for the same should be deliver to your door step without any issue.
    I can assure you for the same.
    If you want then I can send you an confirmation mail for the same.
    Me: Yes
    send me confirmation email
    Amazon: Sure.
    Me: that would be great
    Amazon: You will surely get it after this chat.
    Me: Again Somant, confirming this, I had got Moto G Turbo (White) in Rs 4999 COD offer
    please send me the Confirmation email
    Amazon: Please check your mail box’
    I’ve sent a confirmation mail for the same.
    Me: can you please confirm that product is above
    Amazon: Yes, I can confirm for the same.
    The item will surely get deliver to your door step without any issue.
    Me: That will be a;;
    Amazon: Your words means alot to me to make us happy!
    I Appreciate a valuable customer like you.
    You are very welcome. Can I be of further assistance today?

  3. This kind of stunts are really controversial for E-commerce sites specially for getting more attention of the people. I can’t speak out my frustration here but still I would say this kind of things will effect fan following.

  4. i confirmed all moto g turbo order are canceled
    u can call to customer care
    if we wanted this at 4999 .we should do legal action on Amazon

    • I’m gonna file a case in consumer Court. My product just got disappeared from my orders and went to “cancelled” orders. I didn’t received any cancellation mail or text. This is not the way to promote their site. Amazon got no rights to play with people’s emotions.

  5. If a promotional code is working on your website, that means it’s a VALID promo code. Amazon cannot cancel the orders. It wasn’t a price error. If they still cancel the orders, they are liable to a legal accusation.

  6. this is very unethical on Amazon’s part… its a valid contract of sale for all those who placed the orders, so we should unite to fight against these people….

  7. Lets fight legally…& teach a lesson to these e-commerce websites…so that they will never play such games of advertisements & why should customers suffer for so called tech-glitches.

  8. Yeah if a promo code is accepted and balance payment is accepted by the amazon. It indicates transaction is complete.
    It is a sincere advice to keep a snapshot of payment and order details.
    So that we can file a case in consumer court and teach these ecommerce sites a lesson for this kind of cheap publicity stunts.
    Make these kind of stunts costlier for them.

  9. has the order status changed on for anyone?
    my order status is still same
    “Not yet dispatched
    Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.”

  10. i have orderedMoto G with this promo code and surely file case against amazon if i will not get phone on given prise.

    i will wait till 31 march-2016 or 1st april 2016.

    they can not make us fool.

  11. I have also contacted them and CSA assured me that i’ll get my order . They have also provided the copy of conversation via mail as for the proof for future.

  12. Surely going to court….technical glit is also problem for them….I will also go to court for same…..lets see how

  13. Amazon is cheating with us….
    my phone is dispatched now because I got to know this offer a bit early from Negotiateindia broadcast and placed an order immediately with 1-day shipping, if Amazon reverts back my courier I will file a case against them.

  14. They are cancelling all orders of moto g turbo

    just received mail from amazon about order cancellation.

  15. If product willnt delivered at time i will go the customer care….grahak surakha Kendra nd court also…why they are playing such a game with customer….
    We will not buy anything from this site this site make u fool any time..


  16. The strict action should be taken by court for such fake promotional activities. Only fine will not do.l, they should be liable to deliver the product which they’ve promised(product is fullfield by amazon).
    They have to pay for their mistakes.

  17. Yes this is completely un ethical and un acceptable…. My payment is gone through and that means order is confirmed and they don’t have authority to cancel it

  18. Orders book with advance payment will be processed.. COD will be cancelled..

    Go confirmation delivery date on 31 March..

    • Hi swapnil.jagtap,
      I also madeadvance payment of 4999 but my order got cancelled. Now what to do?
      Please help. Thanks in advance!

  19. Order cancelled thats ridiculous ! how on earth Amazon do this to their consumers having the reputation of being a trusted company all over they betrayed our hope…if they have to admit that this is their fault then they should have provided the phones atleast who have ordered ,if there is a technical glitch or not we dont care its their problem , what assurance they gonna give to us for future that this aint gonna happen again..shame on u amazon for this…

  20. My order is not yet cancelled but neither did I get any confirmation mail…The customer Care guy says there is no issue with the promo code.
    Can we raise a complain to the consumer code VIA Internet ??

  21. Cheap marketing stunt by Amazon. They must pay the price. We can start a online complaint forum to sue them

  22. if ur order cancelled then uninstall amazon app ..put wrong comments about serives and give negative marking to cloudtail and show the customer power .its not our duty to find bugs and any technical or price error if u confirmed our order then take the responsibility to deliver it thats it guys do whatever bad u can do after getting our order cancelled….

  23. Greetings from

    We are writing to confirm that we have processed a refund of Rs. 4,999.00 to your payment method.
    This is the pending balance from your payment against your completed order : 171-1433258-5309947

  24. WTF!!! how can they cancel prepaid orders!@!
    Is there no way we can sue them and force them to dispatch the phones???

  25. They have policy that they cancel the orders if there is a Technical Glitch… Read it before then go to consumer complaints…. They are big giants they would not fear and tolerate this complaint and all issues…

  26. mine got cancelled , i paid the rest amount while ordering the product .. its not the way they should treat people .. surely gonna take some legal action.

  27. Amazon have cancelled the orders. So,all guys take action against amazon and make them deliver the phones

  28. no email for cancellation yet, but in my amazon login i can see they have moved my order under ‘cancelled orders’ . It was COD.

  29. this is absolutely not fair cancelling order in the name of technical error. these are just publicity stunts to gain huge footprints on thr website with lots of webhits. if the same error is made by a seller these ecommerce websites block thier money, freeze there a/c for months without giving proper responce to the seller, they loot thousand of money in the name of fake listings and after few days they either cancel the order and take few more days to release the money back to thr original a/c’s. this is not fair. amazon is such a big brand and we don’t expect them to publish a coupon which is accepted on amazon’s own website on a particular listing which confirms that the coupon was purposedly generated on behalf of amazon.

    i would like every conusmer who feels cheated by such things to better file a consumer case at consumer court and teach them a good lesson.we don’t want the product but we want a cheap publicity trick to go off the market. for those residing in westbengal file ur case on or not sure about other states whether they had any online consumer greaivance redresssal system or not. you can look into google for a suitable website for ur state.

  30. my order is also cancelled… jerks they are…
    i will suggest we write a petition on… anyone a lawyer here, who can do the drafting, we all can help in circulating and mobilizing support…

    also, any mechanism to file a complaint?

  31. You guys placed order like.. Let me give you an example.

    We receive whatsapp messages stating pass this message to 10 people and your phone battery will automatically recharged.. Remember?
    And someone of them actually believe it and send it to people…!!
    That dumb it is.
    Yes, here unfortunately due to a bug website accepted the orders and somehow I believe it because hey! iCloud also was hacked and many of the Celebrities accounts were hacked and their personal images were shown to the public.

    And let me ask you.. How many of you lot has actually contacted Amazon to know if the promotion was true or not before placing the order or even finding it out Amazon website if the promotion was true?
    A few? Very few?

    Maybe yes, Amazon could have avoided them but then certain mankind are very smart.

    Anything up for lesser grab it! But never find out the actual source of it. That’s the problem with us, we jump to conclusions very often.

    It is valid for Amazon to cancel the orders because they would be at huge loss and all those related to it.

    And here you guys are forming forces to sue Amazon! :’D

    • what you are talking its a big site. they want money of people nothing else so the company get interest for that money..there is only online payment why there is no case on delivery .can you have answer for that

    • Then wht about the snapdeal case in which the court give result in favour of customer. I am definately go with the Indian Penal Code.

    • its a simple maths mary lets assume 4000 sets were ordered were prepaid then money collected with them wud b 4000* 5000=20,000000 which have a huge amount of intrest and i have taken example of only 4000 sets exactly much more so it was a well planned act by amazon nd if they r innocent return money within 1 day

  32. Let’s file complaint guys.
    If anyone knows procedure please start and post related info here.

  33. This is not good from their part. I know it was a technical glitch but it was wrong in their part.I am software developer and if something goes wrong I am the one who considering the same either they should deliver the product or we will go to the consumer forum
    Please post a mail to Amazon stating the same and ask them to deliver or we will complaint against it.

    • bro let me know aswell …make a case adding all the people on this blog my id is mikeee3135[a]

  34. if possible lets all join together to fight with amazon…..atleast the one who ordered should be delivered with the product

  35. hey my order is also cancelled
    we all should do something
    even if we dont go to consumer court we can call them , be angry on them , share their problems in social media and after seeing all this amazon have to deliver the order to save its reputation
    they will take a huge loss and deliver the product
    and please guys who ever has mails , chats please take screenshots
    especially calls with them everyone should record it

  36. My order also got disappeared from my order history without any email for cancellation. Amazon cannot do like this being a popular e-commerce website.
    I am moving to the consumer forum kolkata.

  37. Guys,
    Let’s take legal action against Amazon and file a case in consumer forum. They don’t have any right to play with their customers.
    Who all are in?
    We can create a Whatsapp group and discuss further.
    Please comment ur Whatsapp numbers. I will add you all in group.
    Mine – 9808878787

  38. Miss Mary… Please be noted we do a transaction VIA AMAZON so how are we sure our credentials are secured… Ur reasoning is very much dumb and appreciated.

    Sue time guys… do we do it together ???

  39. if any1 filing any legal issue do count me in my email id is aanstar[at]
    lets kick cheaters

  40. You are now connected to Sowmiya from
    Me: hi, my order is cancelled automatically, why ?
    Sowmiya: Hello, Ashutosh.
    Welcome to Amazon. My name is Sowmiya. I’ll be glad to help you.
    I understand that you’re referring about the order cancellation.
    I’ll check that for you, Ashutosh
    Could you please confirm the order, Order ID: 404-5367428-5678755 with the item name, Moto G Turbo (White)
    Me: yes
    Sowmiya: Thanks for confirming, sir.
    I’m sorry for the inconvenience, sir, the offer which updated was not officially confirmed from Amazon and due to technical issues it has been placed and it got auto cancelled due o pricing error offer, that is the only reason, we’ve already escalated this to our concern team to look into this and to take appropriate action.
    Me: so what now ? you are telling me that i dont get my order ?
    Sowmiya: Yes, sir. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, the item was listed with an incorrect offer promo code price on our website for a short time ; this error has since been corrected. Our sellers work very hard to accurately list their products, but on rare occasion a pricing error may occur. I’m sorry for any disappointment this causes.
    Also we’re forwarding the details of the orders, also please be assured, we’ll surely take necessary action and this won’t happen again, sir.
    Me: I cant believe that such a huge company like amaon made such horrible mistake like that
    I also share this offer to my friends and family members, now they are making fun of me. I had search on internet and found that this is all about publicity stunt , Is that true ?
    Sowmiya: Sir, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, I can totally understand from your end and I know how it would be if the order got cancelled once placed, please accept my sincere apology, sir, this certainly won’t happen, also we’ve escalated the issue regarding the promo code which was updated unofficially.
    Also our team is working on this to fix the problem, also please be assured, we’ll take appropriate action and this won’t happen again for sure.
    Me: because its not funny to play with customers feelings
    Sowmiya: We’re escalating this issue and the order id related to this offer updated and working on this to take all the necessary action. Also I’m sure, the problem will get fixed without fail, sir.
    Me: So, is there any chance that my order of moto g turbo will be proceed in future ?
    Sowmiya: Sir, as this has been auto cancelled due to incorrect offer applied to the order, it’ll not get regenerated and also I don’t give you any false promises sir, also if there is any updates, it’ll be updated in our website itself, sir.
    Me: ya but i didn’t receive any cancellation mail, so thats why im asing
    Sowmiya: I’ve checked that for you in the order details and I can see that the order cancellation, sir.
    Me: and i also found that, Orders book with advance payment will be processed.. COD will be cancelled, is that true ?
    Sowmiya: No sir, it is not like that, all the orders are getting auto cancelled, sir.
    It is not based on the payment sir.
    I can confirm that sir.
    Me: Ok, but I think you should proceed order with that amount because the promo code was not applied if it was invalid , either amazon will loss their customers in India
    Sowmiya: Sir, as this is automated process, we’re not having the option to generate the order at the same price that is the reason sir.
    If I’ve the option, I’ll do that for you, but due to the pricing error, we’re not having option to generate the order, sir.
    Me: I remember when I ordered nokia lumia 1020 @13999 from flipkart, first they cancelled my order but after hearing customers request they revised all the order and i got my first wp at such a awesome price, Just do like them , learn from them
    I ordered two quantity but they gave only one order permission for one user at that price you shell do like that
    Sowmiya: Yes, sir, I can totally understand, the details has been already escalated and as of now we’ve not received the details of order regenerating confirmation and price details, that is the reason, if there is any updates, we’ll surely update in our website, sir.
    Me: I was so happy when I bought moto g turbo, I had posted ScreenShot on social networing site, but now only remains frustration and anger towards
    Now I am not sure about that I will ever buy something from in future.
    Sowmiya: Sir, I’m really sorry you feel that way, I can totally understand on your behalf, you’re a valuable customer, please be assured, we’ll surely take necessary step on this and also our team will check with the offer details updated unofficially and investigate on this to troubleshoot the issue, sir.
    Me: good bye, hope in future, you will be not play with people feelings, so sad by cancellation of my order 🙁
    I dont think you can understand on my behalf,
    Sowmiya: Sir, I’m really sorry, please accept my sincere apology, also I’ve successfully forwarded the details of the order. We’ll surely look into this, so that this won’t happen again to you and other customers too, sir.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    Is that all you need help with today?
    Me: I didn’t get what I was accepting from

  41. Hi guys, mine order is gone also. Lets stand infront of amazon and make a association against them and sue them to fulfill thier commitment. I will deginately sue the Amazon and fight for my right.

    Lets keep in touch with everyone and file a P.I.L.against all of us.


  42. I am going to file a consumer complaint on amazon those who want to be in it
    email me on jigneshjain1853[at]

    also my chat with amazon care

    You are now connected to Tissya from
    Me: i had places an order which is automatically cancelled from your side
    Tissya: Hello, my name is Tissya. I’ll certainly try to help regarding your concern.
    Me: sure
    Tissya: I would like to inform you that Amazon is currently not running any promotional offers for this product.
    However as soon as we have an information , it would be displayed on the website.
    There might be many spam messages circulated over social networking site.
    Due to bug , the offer might be applied.
    However we are not running currently any offers on the product.
    Me: i guess order was confirmed by Amazon
    Tissya: Hence, all the products are getting auto cancelled.
    Me: in case of bug it shoulld havent
    Tissya: The order got confirmed by amazon due to some technical glitch.
    As the issue has been rectified, the orders got auto cancelled as this was a promotional glitch.
    Me: wheter it was promotion tactic or glitch
    i dont find any reason that order can be accepted wothout issue if its glitch
    Tissya: This was a third party promotion which was not supported by amazon.
    Me: I agree it was third party promotion, can you name that third party so we can take approproate action?
    Tissya: All our regular and valuable customers know that all the promotions authorized are published only in our site.
    Could you please let me know where you have received the code from ?
    Me: I am your regualr cusotmer you can check my account
    further this code was already available in reviews section of the item. which is monitored by amazon
    Tissya: Yes and you would also agree that our promotions are only available in our site. This promotion has not been published in the amazon site . Could you please help me with the link ?
    Me: and if you dont have any tie up with 3rd party why should you accept this code
    Tissya: It is because of the technical glitch that it has happened. Now, as the issue is rectified, all the orders placed with this promotion got auto cancelled.
    Me: you cant take your hands up saying it was error from your side, and play customers emotions
    would like to inform we customers are planning to move to court agaisnt such cheap tactics
    kindly provide amazon registered address so notice could be served
    Tissya: I may not be able to comment on this.
    Me: I am asking amazon registered address in India
    nothing big
    Tissya: Yes, that I am providing.
    Me: great
    Tissya: Please do not worry on that.
    Me: I wont
    Tissya: Please give me 1 minute.
    Registered office address:
    Brigade Gateway,8th floor,
    26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road,
    Me: thank you
    further email me this chat for future reference
    Tissya: www…(see full link)

  43. You are now connected to Gowtham from
    Gowtham: Hello, Nachiappan.
    My name is Gowtham.
    Me: hi
    Gowtham: How may I assist you today?
    Me: I lose the trust on amazon without my knowledge how my order get cancelled? How could you have rights to cancelled prepaid ordered one with out customer intimation. My order number is 402-0249537-2585146. I got heavy discount through the coupon GYJQJ3YW. I did not want any justification like wrong pricing ..etc because it your fault. Market correct pricing correctly showing, how could it accept the promotion coupon? So it is cleaning showing you are doing marketing strategy on peoples time. I don`t plan to buy any product further from amazon because it is moved from trust-able zone to UN-trust-able zone. Not only me many people will faced the cheating from your side. I may be plan to move this issue as legal one.
    R we connected Gowtham?
    Gowtham: We are connected.
    Me: tell me whats happening in amazon.
    How my order cancelled?
    Gowtham: For confirmation are you referring for the item Moto G Turbo (White)?
    Me: Yes
    Gowtham: Thanks for the confirmation. This order has been cancelled due to pricing error.
    Me: did you reading my queries at start?
    I got heavy discount through the coupon GYJQJ3YW. I did not want any justification like wrong pricing ..etc because it your fault. Market correct pricing correctly showing, how could it accept the promotion coupon?
    what hell reason you are telling? then how the coupon got accepted?
    Gowtham: The product price is around Rs.12000 – to Rs.13000. So it is not possible to send the product at the least price. Currently this order has been cancelled by Amazon as the promo code hasn’t been issued from my side.
    Me: then how the coupon got accepted?
    12500-7500 is the coupon reduction
    then how the coupon got accepted?
    Gowtham: Could you please confirm the exact source where you have received the promo code?
    Me: If i plan to buy any product from amazon i am looking this site only. save money india.…(see full link)
    Gowtham: If you would prefer, you can place the order for the same item at the current price. We make sure that this order is not cancelled.
    Me: don`t make people fool
    Try to accept you mistake.
    My only question is how the coupon get accepted?
    Gowtham: Since the promo code hasn’t been issued from our side, could you please confirm the exact source of the coupon?
    Me: thats all forum which top rating the offers of your site
    I am regularly looking to the site and buying from your site…(see full link)
    how easily you are saying pricing error.
    coupon get accepted means its lag in price error?
    You can changing policy time to time
    I lose trust on amazon first
    Gowtham: I understand your disappointment.
    Me: I will not recommending amazon to any one
    Gowtham: But it is not possible to issue the product of Rs.13000.00 at Rs.4000.00
    I hope that you understand our limitation.
    Me: you know ringing bell they will provide 6000 price mobile at 251
    I will understand another thing too
    this is marketing your site in internet
    to get top in eCommerce
    Its not only mine disappointment many peoples
    you are playing with peoples by giving this kind of cheating offers
    Gowtham: We don’t have an intention to cancel the order.
    If the offer has been issued from our side means, the orders will be shipped without cancellation. But this promo code or promotion hasn’t been issued from our side.
    So this is the reason that the order has been cancelled.
    Me: I am cheated by you… you make a fraud offer.
    no i will not accept the reason I plan to move legal approach….
    Any way its a intimation to your team. Many people are affected by you mistake…..
    How could the promotional get accepted in your system?
    Gowtham: Could you please that the promotion is issued from our side?
    Me: Promotional outside means how could it accepted by your system?
    system is yours right?
    Gowtham: This promo code has been accepted in error. Our team has updated the website now. So these kinds of codes will not be accepted in future. The offer is not issued from our side.
    Me: I am not talking about future… I am in present…
    I made a order in present
    Gowtham: I’m so sorry, but we can’t offer any additional insight or action on this matter.
    Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Me: Is you are ready to face the legal approach? I may plan to approach court further? this issue is major issue
    Gowtham: Since the policy has been already explained. We don’t have an option to assist you further.
    Thanks for contacting Amazon.
    Gowtham from has left the conversation.

  44. How to sue Amazon, they can’t play with writing some terms and conditions. If this is taken as granted any big or small player can play to get hits and then cancel the order.

  45. … Now that we have paid the amount, these people have received millions of rupees to use without any interest… We need to reunite and file a complaint…. If anyone is aware of filing a case, please post here… I will also search and post if I find anything

  46. Guys my email address jigneshsorathiya2012[at] please also add me I so we can file case together. They says it’s hampering our business and you will never face the issue again but we can’t not let this happen. If they are saying so it means we also don’t have to let them cancel our order.

  47. Tomorrow i will tell you people the mail id of jeff bezoz owner of amazon. Then we can drop a mail to him and tell him about wht the customer centric company he had.


  49. my email ID is sahilarora.arora29[at] JUST drop me a mail and add me to the case filing as well. I will also file a suit. Lets do it together.

  50. I have ordered moto g turbo for 4999 today morning. It is still showing “Delivery date pending”. Is there any chance that it will not get cancelled as I can see that a number of orders have already been cancelled,

  51. hello friends,
    I have also facing the same issue.I got my order cancelled. While I was called them the game me some silly reason that it was a technical glitch so that all order got cancelled.if any one have any idea how to take legal action against amazon please ping me at ritx87[a]
    let teach lesson to those e commerce site those are playing with its customer..

  52. You are now connected to Vutukuru from

    Me: hi

    i had places an order which is automatically cancelled from your side

    Vutukuru: Hello, Good Evening. My name is Vutukuru. I am sorry to know that your order has been cancelled, let me check this for you

    Kindly give me two minutes please.

    Me: ok

    is there someone on ?


    Vutukuru: Yes

    Sorry for the long delay.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Me: ok

    Vutukuru: We have received an update stating that the promotion is not a valid promotion. As it was a 3rd Party promotion and due to a technical glitch the code was accepted on There as an update stating that the existing orders would be cancelled. The orders that were dispatched would be called back and would be returning back to us by the courier. I agree that this promotion code got accepted on due to a glitch, but then I see that this promotion was never mentioned on It was only mentioned on a different medium.

    Me: i guess order was confirmed by Amazon

    Vutukuru: Just to confirm, was there any promotion regarding this on Amazon website today ?

    Me: wheter it was promotion tactic or glitch

    i dont find any reason that order can be accepted wothout issue if its glitch

    and if you dont have any tie up with 3rd party why should you accept this code

    Vutukuru: It was not promotional tactic, just to confirm how many times, did it happened previously, and also just to confirm if you felt it was a Promotion tactic why was promotion code entered ?

    Me: Ok I enter the promotion code because I want discount than you confirm order and also send confirmation mail, than why did that, why didn’t accept the code ?

    you cant take your hands up saying it was error from your side, and play customers emotion

    Vutukuru: I understand your cocnern.

    However, ideally it doesn’t happen with Amazon as most of the order’s were delivered to our customer’s without any hassle.

    i am sorry for the inconvenience.

    Me: ya I found something from google, just check it out you will also hae to do same things, New Delhi: One mistake by Snapdeal cost the company huge. Punjabi University B.Tech student Nikhil Bansal got an iPhone 5S from the e-commerce giant for Rs 68.

    Nikhil spotted a 99.7 percent discount on an iPhone and he did not miss a single second and ordered it for Rs 68 on February 12. However, he did not receive it because it might have been a technical snag rather than a great Snapdeal discount.

    Bansal then took Snapdeal to consumer court in Punjab’s Sangrur district, alleging that the e-commerce company refused to ‘honor the deal’, reported

    The court not only ordered Snapdeal to sell him the iPhone 5S for Rs 68, but also pay a Rs 2,000 penalty.

    According to, Snapdeal contested the decision in a consumer forum and lost the case again. The company was then ordered to pay a fine of Rs 10,000 to close the case.

    so I’m telling you that not force customers to go court and do something to amazon because I love amazon

    Vutukuru: I am really sorry for inconvenience, however related to this order, we may not be able to deliver. And also i couldn’t comment on the above mentioned note, as it is different e-commerce company.

    Apart from this, anything else where i may help you with today ?

    Me: Ya that’s what I’m telling, if you may not be able to deliver product than there will be same happen with amazon, because lots of people are taking legal action against Amazon and file a case in consumer forum.

    ok I don’t need any help

    Best of luck for future

    may be you will lose so many customers starting today

    Vutukuru: We certainly did not expect this to happen. We do our best to ensure that all of our customers’ orders go as smoothly as possible and I am sorry this was not the case this time.

    Me: ok lets see about that

    Vutukuru: Thank you for contacting Amazon.

    Wish you have nice day ahead.

  53. Guys be a let us think this way too rather than being one sided on the arguements Amazon never promoted this issue in their website nor in the advertisements this was only a promotion we saw it on a third party medium the consumer court would put a straight question on our face if the deal was mentioned in the website,,, which is not mentioned in regard to this…… IT act has a seperate legal clause for the SPAM and Cheating emails sent and the customers being cheated which clearly doesn’t sue the parent website on which the promotions or the website on which the issue is targeted even on a combined note the base of the case is too weak to be standing on as the company states that orders were placed through a technical error and the order code is a spam is what they say clearly on these grounds the consumer court decision would be favourable for Amazon rather than us an frankly speaking how may of us are really having time to run around the courts in regard to this rupees 4999 and waste more time than on the website what we have spent.I don’t mean to dis regard any of the opinions I just wanted to put forth my views and help on these grounds for further putting forward of the case to the consumer court…..

    • Thank you.. And here I thought only I was thinking logically.
      I hope this answers your query Mr. Mahesh.

      And Mr. Vijay Let’s go through the Snapdeal case once again shall we..

      So this particular customer(student) saw an iPhone at Rs.68 on SNAPDEAL and like any customer grabbed the deal without bringing it to the notice of the authorities(how smooth is that).
      So he places the order and eventually the order gets cancelled by Snapdeal stating pricing error.

      So this particular student approaches court, sues SNAPDEAL because they did not honor the deal and you know consumer rights?!
      And SNAPDEAL sadly loses the cases and voila he gets the phone as well as compensation(no clue why though)

      And coming to Amazon.. Amazon never said we are offering the product at Rs.4999(like who would do that!) come place the order.

      It was a random offer mentioned on some random website and wosh! It spreaded like wildfire and as Indians it is in our blood to grab anything that comes in good deal and so you guys placed the order without confirming it’s authenticity..

      Well hey! I am sure you might have believed the Samsung TV being offered for free as it wass unboxed.. I wouldn’t be surprised.

      Anyways.. Where were we.. Yes, so you guys blindly placed the order just because Amazon( A well known brand) name was mentioned not at all concerned whether the transaction is true or not, will I be fooled and so on..

      @Mr. Pratnik

      IT WAS A SPAM..!! SPAM for Christ Sake..!! How ignorant you guys can be?

      Honestly when my friend told this to me I did not believe yet I tried my luck and unfortunately COD was not available due to shipping restrictions. I did not want to take a risk of using my card so I did not place the order.

      Later I came to know the orders placed will be cancelled and why not?
      Why would Amazon accept this? Amazon never promoted it
      If I placed the order and if it was cancelled I wouldn’t disappointed because I am sane enough to understand the situation.

      Basically I’ve been a customer of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. I love these website. I do not trust E-commerce much hence I shop wisely.
      I’ve been a customer of Amazon for over 2 years and most of my orders were delivered before the delivery date, refunds on time and I even got a chance to place order for Redmi Note 3 and I’m happy with it.

      I wonder what Amazon and Motorolla has to say about it.

      • Hi Mary

        I know everyone grabbed the coupon code from some third party sites.

        Remember that third party sites dont have access to amazon database and enter whatever coupons they want.

        It was a coupon generated by amazon and diatributed via third party sites. That is why the coupon successfully apllied on amazon
        . Now They are simply blaming third parties for their mistake.

        There are few thrid party sites who collect all these coupons, deals and distribute them through other websites. These third party sites dont have control over any ecommerce site.

        Coupons are a different marketing channel to acquire customers. These coupons hardly visible on the ecommerce sites.

        It was a complete mistake by an amazon employee. May be the employee is trying to generate a Rs.750 coupon and by mistake generated a Rs.7500.

        Amazon has to accept this and stop throwing their mistake on third party.

    • Even thought coupon we got was from third party.It was Amazon site who has accepted it and not the third party site.That means Amazon back end system was ready to accept that coupon .how come Amazon say it was only third party promotion??

  54. Hi guys this is very good impression on Amazon they sent the offers send mail and again when we placed an order they send conformation mail and got to ur mail I’d that ur order is placed after 6 to 7 hours directly they r cancelled the Order see we r going to tag in FB and social media I need my offer back are we going to put consumers cout and this is my mail id Rahul.b568@Gmail .com

  55. My ordr is also cancelled …
    Without any text or mail ??

    So guys we shall file petition to consumer court … these shopping site. do lik this..being a popular ecommerce website

  56. I faced same issue, i placed order on and it got canceled by Amazon. Please suggest how on take legal action. My Email ID is kmarrrahul[at]

  57. I had placed an order and had opted for one day delivery, I got a msg that phone has been despatched from Bangalore and it was showing that it will get delivered on 28th march and suddenly at 10.30 it showed that order couldn’t be of delivered. I have all screen shots.

  58. Amazone says that coupon was not displayed on Amazon site. So how can they accept and give discounts. Means there is security problem. In short amazon cheat always and says it is pricing error. We have to do legal action. We have to prove that what indian can do.

  59. Amazon Your
    Message From Customer Service
    Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

    Initial Question: hi…

    08:08 PM IST Rajeev(Amazon): Hello Dinesh, my name is Rajeev, I will be glad to assist you with your query.
    08:08 PM IST dinesh: i want to know y amazon is cancelling orders placed for moto g turbo placed today ??
    08:09 PM IST dinesh: although payment has been accepted from your side .. and invoice of confirmation was sent to customers on behalf of amazon . still hoe can amazon a reputed ecommerce can cancel all sort of orders ,
    08:09 PM IST Rajeev: I understand your concern Dinesh.
    08:10 PM IST Rajeev: I would like to inform you that all the orders for Moto g turbo which are placed almost 4000 orders have been cancelled and it happened due to promotions glitch because of which the customers were able to place the orders and it was not honored by amazo
    08:11 PM IST dinesh: then y if it is not honoured by amazon then how come it has been accpeted from all of them .dont you think customers have right to approach consumer forum which recently charged snapdeal..for fake promotion ??
    08:12 PM IST Rajeev: I understand Dinesh.
    08:13 PM IST Rajeev: The Moto G Turbo (White) Items listed on the Amazon website was an third party malfunction on the amazon website, which is no were related to amazon website, hence all the orders placed for this item would be auto cancelled and auto refund for this item will be done in your original payment method.
    08:13 PM IST dinesh: promotions glitch … amazon has a good backened team which will be viewing every time . cant they find it ?? only u people realised after 4000 orders ??
    08:14 PM IST dinesh: yea no where related …but ultimately order has went through your site only at last . the code must not be accepted if it was not from your side .
    08:16 PM IST Rajeev: We at Amazon, try to our very best to make sure such mistakes doesn’t arise, although sometimes very rarely we may not achieve it completely in cases as this.
    Please be assured we will make sure this mistake doesn’t repeat in your future orders.
    We guarantee you that.
    08:18 PM IST dinesh: after evry thing is over these apologies will not favour customers…soon so many consumers are going to sue which is their part of right . if it was from customer side cancellation then u people will come in diff way . as problem was with amazon now u r just trying to be safe i think
    08:19 PM IST Rajeev: Dinesh, I know how you must be feeling right now.
    08:20 PM IST Rajeev: And yes, you are right, we are indeed receiving heavy calls and chats from the customer regarding the same issue. I understand we have failed in living upto your expectations when it comes to this particular order.
    08:20 PM IST dinesh: once check snapdeal 68/- iphone …they too gave the same reason ..but at last court ordered them to pay 20,000 rs as compensation .
    its not only my worry i am asking on behalf of all the 4000 customers which as a citizen i have the right .
    08:20 PM IST Rajeev: Amazon even given a thought to deliver these orders
    08:21 PM IST Rajeev: But when we have done a proper research on the possibility we have found out that the seller would concur a huge loss if in case the orders were sold at that low price. The seller may or may not recover after such a disaster.
    08:22 PM IST Rajeev: Yes you are right it may become a huge legal problem from our end. We just want to explain the situation to our customers on what happened actually.
    08:23 PM IST dinesh: not though they should deliver the same other wise in coming days they have to face lotzz of issues and i personally wii fight against it .amazon have to fulfill the seller or merchant . its entirely amazons issue not the seller . i too handled ecommerce websites , i know how they work . merchant losses must be fulfilled only by amazon
    08:24 PM IST dinesh: what ever the issues may be …being such a reputed one playing these sort of tricks is not at all acceptable any where ..
    08:25 PM IST Rajeev: You are right Dinesh. Please excuse us for whatever happened.
    08:26 PM IST Rajeev: As I said before, it is something even we did not expected to happen.
    And yes, we have caused inconvenience to a lot of valuable customers like you.
    Which was not our intention.
    08:27 PM IST Rajeev: Please be assured, we will make sure it doesn’t repeat again in your future orders.
    08:27 PM IST dinesh: only thing to excuse is to deliver all the products as accepted before with out any thoughts . .
    08:28 PM IST dinesh: future orders !if this is not fulfilled i will never ever try again amazon for sure .
    08:29 PM IST Rajeev: Dinesh, Amazon had made sure to rectify it’s mistakes before and I am sure we will do it now too. However, being just a customer executive we are not provided any information as of now on the steps that are going to be taken to rectify this mistake.
    Please be assured you will be notified if in case there is any as such that is being done personally from Amazon through email.
    08:30 PM IST dinesh: all sort of sites gives promotions even they go wrong they incurr loss as its their problem .they have no right to trouble customers
    08:31 PM IST dinesh: k…fine .yea i know ur job .i will be fighting it legally .just make a note to higher authorities about the issues raised to you and make a note to higher authorities
    08:32 PM IST Rajeev: I have indeed Dinesh. I have made sure this concern of yours is forwarded to our leadership team with immediate effect.
    I am sure they will get back to you soon to speak with you about this.
    One of our aims at is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we haven’t met that standard. I’m truly sorry, and I hope you’ll give us another chance in the future.
    08:32 PM IST dinesh: if you can connect with ur upper team i will be speaking with them right now
    08:34 PM IST Rajeev: There is a chance you may receive similar response from their too. May I know if you would like me to connect you to our leadership team even though?
    08:35 PM IST dinesh: fyn no need .. it better to go legally instead of finding reasons as you people are fixed to say only on reason .”PROMOTION GLITCH ”
    08:36 PM IST Rajeev: Dinesh, please calm down. I know how inconvenience you might have felt here.
    Please understand I myself am feeling really bad about this.
    08:36 PM IST dinesh: i am not pointing you i know your role . i am sorry if i am harsh , i am pointing only the management .hope u can understand . from customers perspective
    08:37 PM IST Rajeev: I understand that and that is very mature of you Dinesh.
    Thank you so much for understanding our limitations in this case.
    08:37 PM IST dinesh: thank you
    08:38 PM IST Rajeev: May I know if there is anything else I may assist you with Dinesh?
    08:38 PM IST dinesh: can i get an email of chat with this
    08:38 PM IST Rajeev: Yes you can Dinesh.
    08:39 PM IST Rajeev: After clicking on the end chat button, you will see a window popping out asking for the same. Click on the “Tick” box and this chat we had will be emailed to you.
    08:39 PM IST dinesh: k…tnx
    08:39 PM IST Rajeev: You are welcome.
    Thank you.

  60. amazone says that promo code is not valid. Then how can they accept this promo code. And if i enter any random promo code then why not they accept ?

  61. Please help me for registering complaint against Amazon.
    If anybody registering complaint please include me also
    Below is chat with Amazon

    Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

    Initial Question: Order #402-1029915-4980302
    got got cancelled
    I wanted to know why?
    11:20 PM IST K(Amazon): Hello Shrikant . My name is Anjani. I’ll be glad to help you today.
    11:21 PM IST K: I am pleased to inform that, The code that was published was not authorized from Amazon and all the orders placed for this order will be auto canceled.
    That was an malfunction played by that particular website from where you have got the promo code.
    11:21 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: So?
    11:22 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: But order was confirmed
    You can not cancel order like that
    Its ur problem
    You have to deliver order
    11:23 PM IST K: I understand Shrikant. However as it was not authorized by Amazon the orders have been auto canceled.
    11:24 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: If you not gone deliver order then I am going lodge complain in the consumer forum
    11:26 PM IST K: I would not be able to comment on that. I respect your decision Shrikant.
    11:27 PM IST K: However I would not be able to get this delivered as it a technical glitch and that promo was not by Amazon.
    I hope you understand.
    11:28 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: Thanks
    I wanted to let you guys know
    11:29 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: This is completely unethical
    11:29 PM IST K: I accept your point Shrikant.
    11:30 PM IST K: Totally agreed with you.
    However please understand this was by a third party website. If you wish you could definitely check that website and see that it is no where related to amazon at the same time if it was by Amazon it would have been reflecting on our website.
    11:33 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: ok
    Thanks for chatting

    Thank you.

  62. This is not a first tym to auto cancellation processes , 7th tym to cancelling my each order … Amazon is not proper servicing….

  63. hi
    My order is also canceled my email is suniljethwani04[at]
    Mobile no. is 9950222987
    if any one planning to file a case against amazon then contact me

  64. I have recording also of cc executive saying that order will not be going to cancel …I have made also a group of about 50 person in such regards …txt me at 8381948347 for join and claim money from amazon

  65. simple game of cheating by amazon to take intrest of huge amount collected from consumers and den cancel order , we all should go to consumer court

  66. Best way to teach lesson to amzon they wasted our time by saying price error….now our turn we will going to place a order then after dispatched we will cancelled that product…!!dont prompt or suggest to anyone..amzon wedsite

    • Support comment

  67. Consumer Court: Intolerance towards case of deficiency of – Sign the Petition!

  68. i have ordered two handset by pay online, after evening both of the order was cancelled.
    now what i do, amazon gives the technical issue…

  69. My order of MotoG turbo is automatically cancelled without any confirmation from me. How can Amazon did this to me. This is ridiculous. I need my order to be delivered.

  70. Request to all buyers to go to consumer court and file a case. Like SnapDeal, FlipKart if they did fault, they have to deliver right product + Penalty to customer.

    Amazone ka stunt, usko hee bhari padna chahiye!!

    • Even thought coupon we got was from third party.It was Amazon site who has accepted it and not the third party site.That means Amazon back end system was ready to accept that coupon .how come Amazon say it was only third party promotion??

  71. Si mai kal 1, Mobil odder they tha mera mobilM Kab
    Moto g turbo
    Q cancel ho gy hai
    Es ka hami replay thegy……..

  72. Order an expensive phone from amzaon using cod. Do not accept the delivery when it will arrive.
    They will have to bear courier charges and if we all do this then its a big loss for them.
    Lets do this guys.

  73. This is amazon stunt to tell people that they now also sell moto products. Because it is a mindset in many people that only flipkart sales moto

  74. Guys , we are going to take legal action against amazon ,
    for legal action, we need some strong points, and information as maximum as possible.
    Please forward as Maximum documents /screenshots /chat transcript etc etc to email : pricingerrorprotest(at) .

    let’s sue amazon with such a bullshit marketing stunt.

  75. We were offered a promo discount and then denied it. We feel emotionally invested and now they are refusing to complete the Amazon Guarantee. We see it as sheer publicity stunt. In an effort to press charges against Amazon we need your help. Please send in your details on standagainstamazon[at]

    Include PDF copy of your invoice, screenshot of tracking details or PDF. Mention on the subject line -“[ORDER]”



    I am also a victim of this great publicity stunt and feeling exploited of the guilessness. I am not sure what I will do but I will keep the blog updated.

  76. Those how want to complaint against please open this link and petition it. It will automatically send to cosumer court and supreme court. So PLEASE PETITION IT AND SHARE IT ON FB

  77. Bull shit..How can we blame the company when they didn’t even announce the promo code on there website. It was available from a third party company which is there fault not Amazon’s. Though you people go to the consumer court this would be rejected as it is not mentioned in Amazon website that they are promoting this offer. 😛 : D All the best

    • If third parties can generate such type of coupons, then they can bring down any company over the night. The coupon was generated by Amazon by mistake and distributed via third party.

  78. i am with you, one of the victim. i ordered 3 such phones.
    email: raghavmunjaal[at]
    phone: 07737478385

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