Amazon to cancel all orders of Motorola Pulse Wireless Headphone sold at one rupee

Amazon to cancel all Moto Headphone orders
Amazon to cancel all Moto Headphone orders which had been repeatedly accused by the users for doing the pricing erorrs again and again is back with one more error. This time company didn’t even charged 5-6 thousand rupees which it had earlier done in case of Moto Turbo mobile handset. This is probably the 10th time e commerce company came up with such serious issues.

Moreover the Indian customers are very hyperactive towards the offers, even more when it comes to loot deals. Many people had booked more than 900 handsets solely according to the initial reports. Amazon prime which was purchased by users a week ago is being now used in shipping of products from here.

Amazon to cancel all Moto Headphone orders

We talked to the staff of Amazon India and they clarified that all orders were placed because of an error and they will be cancelled. Moreover, they apologised for the inconvenience caused to customers because of error in systems.

Earlier company had issued gift card of 100 rs as a compensation for customers demanding the handsets. There are no news in the market regarding this concern. Amazon had also taken strict action against the affiliate partners and customers promoting this type of offers regularly.

It will be interesting to see whether this time amazon will ban the accounts for misusing the feature like earlier or not.

Motorola is currently offering the handset for 1700 rs on the e commerce website which could be purchased from this link. The actual price of the headphones during the release day was more than 5000 rs.

This time Amazon may find itself into trouble because e commerce company had sold the accessory from its own subsidiary ‘Cloudtail India Pvt Ltd’. Indian courts had ruled against the websites for taking unfair advantage by changing the prices.

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