Attack On Titan Release Date & Updates: New 3DS Game Announced

Attack on Titan Chapter 112: Manga Release Date, Predictions and Spoilers
Attack on Titan Chapter 112: Manga Release Date, Predictions and Spoilers

Attack On Titan Release Date & Price: In the month of August this year, Omega Force as developers and Koei Tecmo as the publisher published a game ‘Attack on Titan’. It is an action as well as hack and slash video game which can be played as a single player and also as a multi-player.

The ‘Attack on Titan’ series can be played on every platform like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation4 (PS4), PlayStation Vita and Xbox One. It involves anime fights in which player can fight multiple enemies, and the group of players can fight multiple enemies.

Attack On Titan Release Date

After so long, ’Attack on Titan’ has finally announced something excellent. This series of game is about to bring forward for the Nintendo 3DS. This time, the developers are Ruby Party. It is said that the future version of the Nintendo 3DS is titled as ‘Attack on Titan: The Escape from the Brink of the Death.’

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In the Japanese, it can be titled as ‘Shingeki no Kyojin: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu.’ By the name, one can get an idea that it will revolve around the fight against the enormous monsters with the same plot like from the previous version. It has been announced that the game will be in the 3 November issue of a famous magazine ‘Weekly Famitsu’.

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As per the reports, its story is here. The original plot of the series is followed in the AoT also. After losing all the types of equipment and battle, the player manages to escape, and here it begins. Here, you need to select the gender from the Male or Female option.

Attack On Titan Release Date

Levi and Mikasa are your partners in it if you choose female and male option respectively. Action begins from here with the other characters.

There is no official date for its release. It is said that just 30% of the AoT is completed from the developer’s end. An enormous amount of work is left still now. There is a suspense about its release in the Non-Japnese market. The new developers Ruby Party may not release the game outside the country.

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But it known to all that it is going to be a huge success if the developers open it for the whole world.

Hope you have enough information about the game. A lot of news is about to come in the near future.

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