Simplest way to clear Youtube App History – Android/ iOS

clear Youtube App History
clear Youtube App History

Youtube app history is an essential feature but could be disguise in blessing at times. This feature provided by Google Inc in the YouTube app helps in tracking the videos you recently watched with no hassle. But sometimes it turns out to be a big hassle. Privacy is basic necessity of every human.

First of all, there are two type of cookies which Youtube use

  1. Device level cookies and history which are directly connected with your device and vary based on your device experience
  2. Account level history which is connected to your Google account and comes to every device in which you sign in with your account.

Clear Youtube App History – Device History and Cookies

clear Youtube App History
clear Youtube App History

There are two methods to clear the Youtube app history on the device, you might be using iPhone or Android device in this case. Here is the method to clear different type of history

To dеlеtе history оf Youtube app on iPhone you should :

Step 1: Go to Settings
Step 2: Sеlесt thе app i.e, YouTube
Step 3: Clеаr Hіѕtоrу and Brоwѕіng data.  (Note: You should scroll down to the bottom and tар оn Advanced.)

To dеlеtе history of Youtube app on Android you should :

Step 1: Go to Settings, Navigate to “App & Notifications”
Step 2: Sеlесt thе app i.e, YouTube
Step 3: Select “Storage”
Step 4: Clеаr Storge and Clear Cache and your data relating to the application will be removed.

Clear Youtube App History – Account Cookies and Data

This method will help you in clearing out all the data in relation to your Youtube account specifically. You need to be logged in to delete all the data. However, if you’re not logged in, you can simply follow the methods mentioned above and it’s done.

How to clear search history on the YouTube devices

Step 1: Launch your YouTube app first.
Step 2: Click on your profile icon where you can see the profile picture.
Step 3: After that navigate to the settings option.
Step 4: A new page will appear, scroll down and tap on clear search history.
Step 5: To confirm that you want to delete your entire search history tap on Clear history.

Clear search history on the YouTube android devices

Step 1: Start up YouTube app.
Step 2: Then click on your profile picture or icon or slide to open the main menu.
Step 3: After that click on settings option which will be displayed after scrolling down.
Step 4: Then select history and privacy.
Step 5: At last tap clear search history to delete all your desired search items.

Pause your YouTube search history

Following the European Union guidelines, you can also enable a private mode to watch some secret Youtube videos with not much hassle. This step is quick and easy for those who want to use the app without clearing youtube app history. No one will be able to track you after using this option.

Pause your YouTube search history for incognito browsing

Step 1: View your watch history, go to the Library tab and tap History. (If you’re looking to Remove a particular video. Next to the video details in the History page, tap Menu and select Remove from Watch History.)
Step 2: To clear or pause your watch history, while on your History page, tap on the top Menu. The option will be mentioned as follows

Clear watch history: Tap Clear watch history.
Pause watch history: Tap Pause watch history.


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