Facebook introduces much awaited feature to ‘turn off Video calls’


Facebook have introduced the much-awaited feature to block all annoying facebook calls from unwanted people. The feature to turn off Video calls was in high demand since the introduction of voice and video calling feature on facebook a few months ago.

The feature receives the most negative feedback when the messenger application keeps on ringing while someone calls up you on the social networking site.

Facebook Voice/ Video Calling

Calling through facebook is really a cheap deal as in comparison to the local carrier. Only data charges are applied when someone calls through facebook and a five-minute talk only results in 1MB data usage. The calling on facebook is free whether it’s a video calling or a voice call. The calling has proved itself to be an alternative of Skype and significant number of users have started calling through facebook

Turn off Video and Voice calls on Facebook

Turning off the Video calls and the voice calls on fb is really an easy task now. Earlier you were needed to turn off the chat completely to disable such calling facility, but now you can specifically choose for not getting any calls which would help in decreasing the number of the unwanted ringing of your phone when someone tries to annoy you.

How to turn off Video calls on messenger: Currently messenger doesn’t support this feature, you will need to browse the desktop version in order to do that. However in messenger you can disable the notifications as follows. [Also Read: Facebook Black Verification Tick]

  1. Click on Gear Box
  2. Go to Notification and Sounds
  3. Untick, Vibrate and Sound
  4. Turn off the notifications

Note: This will turn off all notifications including the messages also.

How to turn off Video calls on Facebook Web Version

To turn off, the video calls follow the following steps

  1. Walk through the right bottom of the web version where you can see the small gearbox in the chat box, next to the search option.
  2. Then after clicking on the gear box, a hover shall come. Choose the third last option as shown in the picture. Choose ‘Turn Off Video/Voice Calls’


  3. After clicking the third last option the following options will come to choose upon, if you permanently want to disable facebook calls then choose ‘Until I turn It back on

    Confirm with the most desired option

That’s it, Now you have successfully disabled all the voice and video calls on you facebook. And the same will apply to your iOs Application, Messenger application and Facebook Application.

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  1. Your reply does NOT work.

    Obviously I want to turn off only one, possibly two, peoples option to video call me. I already know I can stop ALL of them.

    To refer to your last option, although your instructions are not clear, I think I followed them. I looked at the ‘gear’ drop down menu in the message box on my home page of FB, but I did NOT get the options you did.

    I have a screenshot of the options it gives me, but NOT ONE of those you say will pop up are there.

    This system is stupid – I can send you a screen shot of that but obviously no facility to allow me to post an image.

  2. It worked perfectly! Thank you for posting this! Not sure why Anne couldn’t figure it out or why she is SO ANGRY with people who are just trying to help. Your instructions were perfectly clear and concise. It took me less than 2 minutes to disable it. I very much appreciate the information and, I was going to say idiot proof but it’s apparently not, description of how to disable this annoying “feature”. Thanks again.

  3. Any update on shutting this feature off on the messenger app without having to turn all of the notifications off?

  4. I’m hoping this works. I have one annoying friend that keeps constantly calling me while I or my boyfriend is sleeping just so she can use me. With this I think I can slowly take her out of my life. It’s getting to my last nerve and I really don’t want to snap on a pregnant woman.

  5. Hello, I use fb in firefox browser, on a laptop. i received a video call from a fb friend and couldn’t answer it in time, so i called back. when the question came “allow fb to use camera?” i clicked allow. After the call I now wish to disallow fb to use the camera. I still wish to receive calls, including video calls, but I want to decide each time whether to activate the camera. I am willing to go through complicated steps to do so if only it will work. Can you help me?

  6. so how do i just turn off only the calls/video calls on the app without turning off notifications of the whole app?

  7. What if I want to disable OUTGOING call capabiloty, as well ??? Seems like I am always bumping the call button for people I don’t know.

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