Facebook New Changes: 7-Second Looping Video as Profile Picture and more

Facebook has now reached all parts of the globe and is going strong with its mass usage. Facebook isn’t just a social networking site but it has become a medium for all kinds of things. Yes, it has become a Market, Entertainment Industry, Health Provider and what more it serves the uses of all the departments. Many organisations wonder Why Facebook is so addictive and end up in Facebook whirlpool whereas Mark Zuckerberg’s ideology would be on How to make Facebook even more attractive, so that more and more users get onto Facebook. Facebook’s there for a decade now and looks like Facebook has now taken a leap forward and has come up with some cool features which are quite amazing. These 5 new changes, which Facebook is providing will definitely make the audience go awe-struck. You played well mark, this is what the other Big Guns Twitter and Snapchat might be thinking. So folks brace yourself for the Facebook’s new and coolest changes.

Live Demo of Video Profile Pic on Facebook

Posted by Tony Hsieh on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

And here is how your timeline will look like with New Facebook Feature to make Video based Profile photos

  • Video as a Profile Pic on Facebook

Isn’t this amazing? We have seen this in Harry Potter as well, where portraits come alive and do some gestures. It’s like Facebook has come a step forward and is allowing us the Sirius Black side of ours. With this new change, you can upload a video of yours and you can pick that video as your profile pic. So now you have a 7-Second Profile Picture.

  • 5 Featured Facebook Photos to Reveal yourself

This feature is a coll one and lemme explain it to you in a few words. You can now pick 5 best pics of yours and those 5 can be pinned at the top of your profile. So whenever a stranger wants to send a request to you, he can take a look and pinned feature photos, so that he can confirm and send the request to the right person.

  • Facebook Profile Pics for Temporary Social Causes

With this feature, we can select a profile pic and let that be a temporary profile pic for some hours. For suppose, it’s Independence day and you want a pic of yours holding your national flag as your profile pic. In these cases and also may be you are supporting some cause like child labour and something, you can just pick a picture and make it as a temporary profile pic for some hours. After that it will revert back to its previous profile pic.

  1. Visibility Controls and a new 100 character Author Bio field

Facebook is trying to tighten up the profile secrecy. Is you sent some fields of your author bio as public, they are visible on the profile pic or else they are hidden. Also you can express yourself in a 100 word new field box.

  • Mobile-Centric Design of Facebook Photo – Gifs

With this you can view the profile picture right at the center at the timeline. Also you find bigger and visible sections for friends and photos.

So these all new changes are already rolling and will reach you very soon. Do share your thoughts on this article and stay tuned for more cool news