How to Choose the Right Mobile For You


We are all increasingly glued to our phones and we’re not here to start a discussion about whether that’s a good or bad thing. However, if you’re using something all of the time, then it makes sense to make sure that it suits your needs perfectly, or at the very least as perfectly as possible. There are so many options for different handsets nowadays that it can be paralysing trying to figure out where to start. Fortunately, for the majority of people, there are only three main questions that are necessary to really take the time to think about. So we’ve broken it down into those three easy steps right here for you.

Budding Photographer?

Selfie takers will want to look for a phone with a good front facing camera

Although many people opt for the phone with the highest megapixel camera, that’s simply not the best way to find out photo quality any more. Looking back one or two decades ago, megapixels would give a good indication of which phone had the superior camera, but nowadays there are a lot more factors to take into consideration. First up is the sort of photographs you like to take. If you’re a serial selfie-taker then you’ll need to pay the most attention to the front-facing camera, which is generally speaking lower quality than the back. If you enjoy taking shots of wildlife, sports, or anything else unpredictable then you’ll want a phone with a quick shutter speed and the ability to zoom in without losing too much quality. Plenty of newer models have two separate cameras at the back to allow for better depth of vision as well. If you’re struggling, then there are plenty of phone camera reviews that cut out the jargon for you and tell you exactly what you need to know.

Are You a Gamer?

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys gaming on your phone, then first consider what sort of gamer you are. If you enjoy playing games with all of the latest features and heavy graphics, then you’ll need a phone that can keep up with that. Most phones nowadays will have around 8GB of RAM, but for the high spec games, you’ll want to be looking for a phone with at least 12GB and ideally more if your budget allows it. For those who are light gamers, for example playing at online casinos, you should be fine with 8GB or potentially even 4GB. Whilst it used to be that you’d simply visit a browser-based casino on your phone, nowadays casino companies have realised that creating sites and specific mobile apps is better for their customer. This list of the top mobile casinos in South Africa

shows the lengths that companies have gone to in order to make mobile gaming simpler for their customers and easier for mobile phones to handle. Each mobile casino is ranked out of five stars on factors such as the variety of games available, the different mobile payment options, the security features that are in place and how effective the customer support is. As these casinos are specifically designed for mobile, they will work flawlessly on phones with even very low RAM. Looking for mobile-specific options, whatever the game you’re playing, will help with performance on older or lower spec phones.

What’s the Budget?

The final step is arguably the most important, what do you have to spend? If you’ve got thousands and thousands to spend on a smartphone, then you shouldn’t run into any problems and might as well go for the top end of the market. However, most of us are looking for the best phone on a budget and will need to make some compromises along the way. One of the best ways of getting a little more tech for your money is by opting for a lesser-known brand. Whilst iPhone and Samsung have the monopoly in terms of the top end of the market, companies like Huawei provide almost exactly the same specs but at a much-reduced price tag. If you don’t want to deviate from the iPhone you love so much, then consider buying second-hand or refurbished. Places like eBay offer money-back guarantees if the phone you buy is faulty, so it can be a good and relatively safe way to save hundreds on a phone. For those after new phones on a strict budget, it can be a good idea to take out a contract. Try to stick to something that is less than 24 months long, as mobile technology moves quickly and you don’t want to be paying over the odds for a smartphone two years down the line.

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