iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date and Updates: Apple Giving Hard Time To ‘Pangu’ and Other Hackers?

Apple iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date
Apple iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date

Apple iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date Pangu Cydia: Apple released the iOS10 for all of its users during the launch event of iPhone 7 and the iWatch series 2 on 7th September 2016. The all-new OS have some new improved features along with the bugs of iOS 9 fixed in it. (check: Rocket League Updates.)

Since the iOS10 is released, there is as such no information regarding the jailbreak version for it. The jailbreakers such as TaiG, Pangu and Todesco have not yet unlocked the new Operating System. However, after the release of iOS 10.0.2, something is expected from the jailbreakers quite soon as hackers have now got to know that the iOS10 loopholes get off easily making it not entirely secured.

Apple iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date

Moreover, Pangu has already provided the way to jailbreak iOS 10 successfully. The tool to jailbreak Apple devices is successfully working on all the products except iPad Touch 6 and iPad Pro as all other devices are easily unlockable.

It has been about a month since the release of iOS10 but still the Apple users don’t want to switch to the new OS since it includes lots of restrictions and to add more to this, there is no jailbreaking tool available.

But since the jailbreak version is announced, customers would be able to access the new iOS10 without restrictions. This is one of the very big advantages of Jailbreaking or unlocking Apple products that one can easily use the device without restrictions.

Apple iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date

But the user should always make a backup of his/her device, before unlocking it.

Following are the steps to download Cydia on iOS10:
1) Launch the SAFARI browser from your Apple product which is running on iOS10.
2) After launching it, type “” in the address bar and search for it.
3) After completion of the loading of the web page, scroll down and click on the UP arrow on your device.
4) From there, select the “Add to HomeScreen” option.
5) Then rename the app icon as “Cydia” and click on the “Add” button.
6) Finally, you will have Cydia App installed on your device from where you can directly get the iOS10 Jailbreak app updates.

However, it has been heard the rumors all around that Apple is planning to introduce “Rootless” iOS10. This is a highly secured feature which prevents anybody from having access to any data in the iOS firmware except the administrator privileges – like the developers. Earlier, it was also heard that the “rootless” feature would come in the iOS 9, but it was not seen.

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