KickAssTorrents Comes Back To Life With Original Admins and Major Uploaders


KickAssTorrents, the very famous torrent site, comes back to life. The original staffers have reincarnated it, and they are hoping that it will regain its former popularity. Though the look and platform give the same feel, the new site utilizes a secure and fresh database.

Kickass Torrents had been the most popular torrent website. A few months ago, the US government criminal investigation team took it down. It resulted in millions of people being left without their favorite torrents from downloading. A large number of individuals were the admins, moderators, and forum members.


After the shutdown of Kick Ass Torrents, a significant number of KAT clowns came into the online market. Thus, several original KAT-crew members came together to re-build similar site. So, they came up with forum. With it, they gave a hint that the torrents and the online community will come back soon.

On December 16, they staffers launched a fully operational torrent site. It is identical to the former one. With many new members, a large number of the original staff are also back.members of the original staff are on board.

During the time of original KickAssTorrents, the staffers including crew and administrators were clearly distinguished. They were grouped into two types who were technically and financially running the portal. Thus, the people in charge of weren’t given the access to its code and data.

However, they still managed to put pieces together and made it look the same. It means former KAT users will be able to feel at home. Moreover, many of the original uploaders are also back. KickAssTorrents now makes sense that the site will regain a lot of fresh content soon.

They took sufficient time to put everything together as they wanted to build everything secure. At this time, they look to be confident now. On one side, this move looks a bit bold as the US Government has still put the alleged operations on its wanted list. However, the current staff doesn’t believe in facing any legal issue in the future.

They said to have added a proper DMCA takedown procedure as YouTube at KickAssTorrents. Thus, they will remove anything copyrighted from their servers.

At the same moment, the current staffers at the KickAssTorrents feel that the original crew will walk free soon.

Update: The new site is facing some technical issues. It will be live soon. It may be due to a major proportion of the population have already started to visit it.

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