mPoint App turning out to be one of the most trusted Payment Method in India


India have seen evolution of money in many ways. Travelling from Barter System we are currently living in an era where the importance of physical currency has been reduced. Nowadays, One can easily transact any type of cash/ credit transaction with couple of clicks.

mPoint is one of the application offering huge portability to customers and sellers. With couple of clicks one can purchase the goods offline as well. One really doesn’t need to carry a big wallet in the pocket to pay big amounts.

mPoint enabling Next Generation Payment System in India with help of points reward program to the customers. The company offers extra points for the purchases made. Isn’t really cool that an application is providing the exact same amount you were paying earlier with no extra cost to the customer. The company have partnered with many stores across the India which can be located on the map very easily.

mPoint gives you the advantage to pay directly using your bank debit card / credit card / loyalty points at any store in India. Just head over to the map and you can score great points with no extra cost. You need to pay only the cost of product which could be done from loyalty points as well. One will earn loyalty points with each successive transaction in the mPoint app

and same could be redeemed anytime.

The payment procedure is much simple than of traditional applications. You no longer need to enter the details of the receiver. Just head over to the application and scan QR code to pay. Within a click, amount will be transferred to the shopkeeper. From big malls to small streetside shops, there are many people accepting the payments through mPoint.

Imagine a case when you are travelling to salon but after the haircut realise that you forgot the wallet at home. It became little awkward to deal with the cashier and tell him to lend you that haircut. OR you can directly open the mPoint app, check the nearby saloons on map and head over to your favourite one.

Its quite easy to use the application in order to find out the nearby stores as well. mPoint also offers mobile recharge/ flight booking and many other really cool features as additional advantage.

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