NHL 2017 Release Date & Time: When Can Download It For PS4 Or Xbox One?

NHL 2017 Release Date
NHL 2017 Release Date

NHL 2017 Release Date: The upcoming game NHL 17 is going to release today. If you have already bought a copy and wondering at what time you will actually be able to play it on Xbox Live or PSN. The fans don’t need to wait for much longer as it will be released midnight Eastern Time. (check: Pokemon Go Plus dates.)

The sources from the Xbox Store told us that NHL 17 would be unlocked as the clock strikes 12 am Tuesday. However, it is still known if it is 12 am EDT or what as they didn’t mention the time zone. If it is EDT, it means that the West Coast can download the game right now and will be able to start playing at around 9 pm.

NFL 2017

The game is a little heavy. The NHL 17 file size is about 29.65 GB on Xbox One and 19.4GB for PS4. As you have now got to know the disk size, it will cover, so it will be better to clear your hard drives before downloading and installing the game. (check: WWE Raw Results.)

If you are too impatient to wait until the official release, then you can start playing with a 10-hour free trial right at this moment. For doing this, you will need to sign up for EA Access, and you will get started. All the progress made during the trial account will be carried over when the game officially launches, and you buy a full copy of the game. However, PS4 gamers will get disappointed as EA Access is not available for them as of now.

NHL 2017 Release Date

The major changes to gameplay for this year include the Hockey Ultimate Team’s big overhauls; a new game mode has been added, Draft Champions. It will be faster than its predecessors, lighter approach to HUT is given, and it gives more of the fantasy draft feel.

NHL 2017 review will be soon available. Are you excited?