PS4 Update 4.0 (Shingen) LIVE: PlayStation 4 Latest Update Brings New Features

PS4 Update 4.0
PS4 Update 4.0

PS4 Update 4.0 Changes: It’s good news for all the users of PlayStation 4 that the new system software update has been released by Sony today, i.e., on 13th September 2016. The PS4 system update version 4.0 has been named as “Shingen.” It has been named this after the name of Lord Takeda Shingen. (check: FIFA 2017 Release Date.)

The features of new system update are the quick menus, a fully refreshed user interface, folders and library, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and a lot more latest updates. It has a complete changed UI by adding a new system background, changed the icon and improved pop-up upgrades and dropped down lists.

PS4 Update 4.0

As compared to the older system software, the new one comes with a Quick menu, which will open simply by pressing and holding the PS button. Moreover, the quick menu now covers only a portion of the screen which helps the player to access the game more easily.

From the popped up Quick menu, the user is allowed to customize the information displayed on it. In the latest updates, you can now customize your games and apps easily by creating the new folder. The new update has even made easier content-search in the library by introducing the all new “Search function” through input in the form of text.

Not only searching, but the user can also even sort the content either according to the purchase date or according to the installed status. The custom folders which the user create can be kept on the main home screen, and the library depends on the user’s wish. A folder can be maintained on the home screen by selecting the “Add to new folder” option from the “Options” button whereas a folder can be created in the library by choosing the “Create New” option while navigating to the Folders icon.

PS4 Update 4.0

The size of the communities has been increased to 100,000 in the latest software update which now allows the like players to interact more easily. With the growing community size, the player has now the option to reply to the community wall comments. The Share button allows the user to share his or her best screenshots or videos directly to a community wall.

People find it tough in shifting from one PlayStation to another as there comes a problem of data transfer between them. The latest update has also made the data transfer easier by allowing the data to be transferred over a LAN connection, instead of re-downloading it from the cloud.

Moreover, its very impressive to see that the new updates will now support HDR, which will make the visuals more realistic and vivid.

PS4 Update 4.0

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