MIUI Major update for Redmi Note 3 users: Network and App issues fixed in V 7.3.2 LHOMIDD

Redmi Note 3 7.3.2 LHOMIDD Update
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Redmi Note 3 MIUI finally comes up with the most awaited update for Redmi Note 3 users. Earlier the phone was facing many issues relating to sim card and applications compatibility, however the issues are expected to get fixed up after this major update.

Redmi Note 3 which was released a couple of months ago comes with dual sim compatibility and a blazing fast Snapdragon 650 High Performance CPU. Available in two variants, i.e, 2GB Ram and 3 GB Ram respectively, the handset had created a sensation around the atmosphere.

Here is the list of updates in Redmi Note 3 7.3.2 LHOMIDD Update

Size – 250 MB

Fix – Size limit for feedback logs Update (05-12)
Fix – Issues with uploading attachments for hardware bug reports (05-12)
Fix – Animations froze after device was flashed and turn on for the second time (05-13)
Fix – Occasional volume key issues (05-13)
Fix – Couldn’t play *.mkv files as well as buffer and play at the same time when using Google Parser to play *.mkv and *.mp3 files (05-13)
Fix – (05-14)

Fix – No back button when placing an emergency call without a SIM card (05-13)
Fix – Couldn’t record calls automatically if they were received during GPS navigation (05-13)
Fix – Issues with video calls in India’s Reliance networks (05-13)

New – T9 search for Hindi (05-13)
Fix – Call history stopped working in some cases (05-12)

Fix – In some cases delivery reports weren’t sent after scheduled outcoming SMS to multiple users (05-13)
Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar

Fix – Screen lit up multiple times after receiving a notification (03-10)
Fix – Music lock screen appeared when a game was running in the background (04-06)
Delete – Manage guest access to notification shade (03-18)

Optimization – Camera image processing (05-13)

Fix – Automatic backups and sync turned back on after you turned them off and then entered hidden albums (05-13)

New – Dragging songs to rearrange playlist order (03-08)
New – Saving current playlist as a new playlist (03-08)
New – Shortcut for recently played songs (03-08)

Fix – “Select app” page in Mi Mover sometimes didn’t respond (03-10)
Fix – Errors with transferring files containing “%” in the name (03-10)
Fix – In some cases Mi Mover transfers interrupted and the app didn’t respond (03-11)
Fix – In some cases Mi Mover stopped working after the connection was established (03-18)
Fix – Improved Mi Mover’s stability (05-13)

Fix – No effect after tapping OK button under the password when resetting the device (05-13)
Permissions Manager

New – A security prompt will appear when an app is installed via USB to prevent unwanted installations (03-08)
Optimization – Preventing apps which have permissions to read notifications from starting automatically (03-16)
Fix – FC issues when giving an app permissions (05-12)

Fix – Calendar stopped working with Hebrew as the system language (05-13)
Clock / Calculator

New – Long press alarm to select and delete multiple alarms (03-29)

Optimization – Press and hold to add items to exceptions (04-06)
Optimization – Fixed problems with performance after clean-ups (04-06)

New – Fingerprint unlock for custom apps (03-15)
Optimization – App lock improvements (05-13)
Mi Cloud

Fix – Find device could be turned off without entering the password in some cases (05-12)
Fix – Call history couldn’t sync in some cases (05-12)
Fix – In some cases notification about existing backups was shown when none were made (05-12)
Fix – In some cases changing Home screen layout led to turning sync off (05-12)
Fix – The number of apps waiting to be restored wasn’t dynamically updated in the notification shade (05-12)
Fix – After a reboot, previously restored and then deleted apps appeared again (05-12)

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