Sony E3 2016 Live Streaming Info: Watch Online E3 Games Launch Event Press Conference Updates

Sony E3 2016 Live Streaming Watch Online
Sony E3 2016 Live Streaming Watch Online

Sony E3 2016 Live Streaming Watch Online: The Japanese electronics giant Sony will end the day one at the E3 press conference with its PlayStation (PS4). It has already been confirmed that the company will launch its upgraded version of the PS4 named NEO or the PS4K. (check: Tekken 7 release date.)

However, the rumored new PS4 will not launch today, 13th June 2016. Even without the PlayStation, the company has loads more to unveil. The list includes the launch of PlayStation VR and of course, the games. The PlayStation E3 live stream begins with a pre-show at 5:30 p.m. PDT (8:30 p.m. EDT).

Sony E3 2016 Live Streaming

Sony’s most of the focus will be towards the PlayStation VR. It was earlier rumored to be known as the Project Morpheus will launch in October 2016. Sony has plans to announce more games with it.

With its launch, the company will become busy promoting it and telling everyone that PlayStation VR is a necessity. Its diverse VR lineup will consume the company’s most time. The list of the games which it will include are puzzle-mystery “Statik”, the exploration game “How We Sore”, and “Harmonix Music VR.”

There are even more games like “Gran Turismo Sport,” “Dreams,” “Rez Infinite,” “Thumper” and “Tethered” which are expected to be launched in the PlayStation VR segment of the E3 2016 press conference. “No Man’s Sky VR” is one of the highly rumored topics as of now with some leaks.

Sony E3 2016 Live Stream

“The Last Guardian” which was being developed over the past nine years was unveiled at E3 2015, and it is scheduled to release in 2016. More gameplay is expected to be released. The third party games like EA’s Battlefield 1, and Call of Duty will also have glimpses.

Sony’s first party developer Guerrilla Game “Horizon Zero Down” will have a special place reserved for itself at the PlayStation press conference. It releases in 2017, next year. It is also expected that Sony will reveal “Detroit: Become Human” developed by Quantic Dream, “Heavy Rain” fame.

How to watch E3 live online stream

Starting time: San Francisco: 6PM / New York: 9PM / London: 2AM (June 14) / Moscow: 4AM (14th June) / Beijing: 9AM (June 14) / Tokyo: 10AM (14th June) / Sydney: 11AM (June 14)

Watch the live stream above on this page.

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