Soul Calibur 6: Release Date, Gameplay Trailer and Everything We Know

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Soul Calibur 6: Waiting for SoulCalibur 6 release? Some news and notifications are out about that game. This news shows that your wait for the fighting video game is about to end soon. Yes, we are here to let you know everything about the video game’s arrival. Your long awaited dream is going to happen soon in real.

All the fans must be really excited and thrilled to know what’s new in the 6th part. Your excitement seems obvious. After four years, we are going to get in touch with SoulCalibur video game again. Maybe you all are not aware of this news. But we are here to make you aware of everything we know about the game. The gameplay trailer has been released and available below.

Soul Calibur 6 Trailer

Someone just captured all the glam light. Who’s that? It is- Bandai Namco, the publisher of the video-game series. He just organized 20th-anniversary teaser for the franchise. In that teaser, we have captured some clues regarding the coming Soul Calibur 6.

This promo video is just been put on YouTube by Bandai Namco. In that, you’ll get to see some clips from previous installments of the game. At the end of that teaser, there will be clues out which tells us that SoulCalibur 6 is about to come soon.

What was the clue? When you’ll see the teaser, there will be a line at the end of that. Which line? It’s- ‘The Legend Will Never Die’. This is the line which acted up as a clue for the upcoming Soul Caliber 6.

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Soul Calibur 6 News & Updates

With this, we lit up all our imagination for the 6th installment of the video game. In addition, the anniversary project also offers a link. In that link, we are not able to search out any clue for SoulCalibur 6.

Now, we can say is that maybe the clues we picked out are correct or just waste. Anything could be possible. Bandai Namco may have thought to release the teaser as a successful part of the 20th anniversary.

Just for celebrating his victory he thought to put up this line. Or maybe, this acts as a clue for revealing the upcoming of SoulCalibur 6.

Another major problem faced is that the project’s site is available in Japanese. This acts as a communication barrier between reader and writer. With this, it sounds more difficult to collect clues for SoulCalibur VI. Let’s see what happens! (Check: Final Fantasy 7 remake.)

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Soul Calibur 6 Release Date

When will be the anniversary? It held on December 20, 2017. The TV series showed the beginning with ‘Soul Edge’. Dualshockers just came up with the fact that on that day we will get to know whether there will be SoulCalibur 6 or not?

Fans should be open to all thoughts and take speculations with a pinch of salt. However, it is set for a 2018 release.

It was expected to be launched at E3 2017. But, it didn’t happen.

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