Tekken 7 Release Date and Updates: To Out In Early 2017 for Xbox, PC & PS4 New TGS Trailer Out

Tekken 7 Release Date, Updates, Features, Leaks
Tekken 7 Release Date, Updates, Features, Leaks

Tekken 7 Release Date, Updates, Features, Leaks: The game which can’t be explained in words. No one could ever know the thrillingness of the game without playing it. You need to experience it to know about it. We are talking about Tekken 7, a video game published and developed by Bandai Namco Studios. (check: Marvel’s Agent of SHIELD Season 4 Spoilers.)

It is the latest game in the Tekken series and uses the Unreal Engine 4. It is a single player and Multiplayer fighting game. The trailer was first seen at the Tokyo Game Show 2016. The trailer was really impressive. It runs on Arcade, Play Station 4 (PS4), Xbox one and Microsoft Windows. It has been titled as” Tekken 7: Fated Retribution.”

Tekken 7 Release Date, Updates, Features, Leaks

This game will feature 32 characters in total. About 20 characters will be the cast from the very beginning. Remaining 12 characters will be added over new updates after some time. Some characters are making their debut through it. A new form of Jack is introduced in it. (check: Pokemon Sun and Moon.)

Also, a special character from the Street Fighter franchise is introduced as its cast. The names of newly appointed fighters are- Katarina Alves, Lucky Chloe, Josie Rizal, Jack 7, Akuma, Master Raven and many others. The old characters like Bob, Leo, King, Steve Fox etc. are also a part of its cast.

It is said that the location test was first held on 12-14 February this year in the three arcades of Osaka, Tokyo, and Fukuoka. Raga Drive and Raga Art game plays have been added with further customization and further stages.

It looked cool and the animation effects used are quite interesting. It provides a feature under which the gamer can set the powers for the weak player and for the strong player separately. It is far better than the previous Tekken 6. The arcade version of this is also about to hit the market. It is said to hit the market in early 2017 in all the platforms for it is developing.

Tekken 7 Release Date, Updates, Features, Leaks

Being a gamer, let me tell you that this game is an above average. It will be cheap and can be easily downloadable. The updates will be of small size. Let the action begin in your system after the launch .

Stay tuned for more updates and more rumours.

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