Three Types of Popular Mobile Games in 2023

Gone are the days when Snake was the top gaming option on a mobile phone device. Simple games are now replaced by a wave of enhanced products that elevate mobile gaming’s appeal. Now, in 2023, gaming on a portable handheld device has become the norm, with millions of people around the world currently accessing an array of games as and when it suits them.

Of course, an average user explores the sophistication of their smartphone device through a variety of different features that a phone of today can handle, be it streaming movies or finding love through apps like Tinder, but gaming is now well and truly rivaling these other more common services that a smartphone can provide.

According to Newzoo, in 2021 alone, there were 3.9 billion smartphone users on earth, with the vast majority of people having instant access to a comprehensive selection of mobile gaming opportunities. Research by SensorTower suggests that player spending is set to reach a staggering $138 billion by 2025, too. Essentially, mobile gaming has risen to prominence, with the enhanced gaming package now appealing to mass audiences.

Thriving Casino Games

Although downloadable products tend to hog the limelight, casino games are now rivaling genres like puzzle games, strategy titles, and RPG products. In fact, according to Statista’s findings in 2021, casino games were actually second in the rankings behind puzzle releases. Online casinos are certainly gathering momentum, with people now beginning to discover the exact type of gaming opportunities that are available at most reputable providers.

Housing a huge collection of games in one place, gamers c an typically sample an array of unique releases during an average gaming session. For example, playing slots for real money

is a favored choice for many, particularly given the comprehensive selection of slot games on offer, from western-themed slot titles like Trigger Happy to Asian-themed releases that are inspired by the Chinese zodiac, such as Pig Winner.

Slot games have a wide appeal but they aren’t the only worthwhile games to play, with casino players exploring other favorites, such as classic table games like blackjack and roulette, alongside other options, like video poker to play with like-minded gamers with common skills and interests.

The Enduring Popularity of Puzzles

The overall appeal of puzzles has lowered given the diversity of mobile gaming. Puzzle games are still some of the most sought-after titles on a miniature handheld device.

Alongside reading up on the latest news and ordering food through apps like Uber Eats, many mobile gamers are putting their puzzle-solving skills to the test through a massive selection of puzzle products. With logic and wit being the key to success, puzzle releases are a real challenge and an appealing one for many gamers.

At the moment, when assessing the genre, the most downloaded puzzle products are Candy Crush Saga, Fishdom, and Fill The Fridge, although there are hundreds of puzzle games that are in demand.

Battle royale releases are a go-to option for many 

By the end of 2019, battle royale games had well and truly taken over. PUBG Mobile managed to break all records after registering 400 million downloads. Then, in 2020, Tencent, the maker of the hit release, earned $2.7 billion in revenues.

Put simply, PUBG is a massively popular title. Fortnite is another game from this particular category that has also achieved notable success, although PUBG is the leading product at this moment in time. The appeal of battle royale games is understandable too, particularly given the battle-filled mayhem that a typical session involves, as well as the huge map that offers limitless tactical possibilities.

Additionally, players can team up to form killer squads, the ability to defend certain territories is another appealing element, and the combination of weapons and a variety of resources that are scattered around a large area makes the battle royale genre a blast to play.

As more and more of us sample mobile gaming offerings, it’s become a saturated space. Mobile gamers are exposed to titles that are nothing more than cash grabs, some games continually push in-app purchases, and there are plenty of releases that just simply aren’t up to scratch.

There is some hope here, though. The biggest and best games tend to offer longevity, with game developers regularly updating hit games and keeping the community of gamers who explore their products interested. The focus on customer loyalty, as well as building a franchise, will draw in new players and keep old fans happy.

The diverse nature of this much-loved form of entertainment means that there is something for everyone and something to keep people happy and engaged.

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