WannaCry Ransomware Decrypt Code: How To Remove, Stop and Precautions To Take Against Malwares

WannaCry Ransomware decrypt code, WannaCry Ransomware removal guide, WannaCry Ransomware precautions, stop WannaCry Ransomware
WannaCry Ransomware decrypt code, WannaCry Ransomware removal guide, WannaCry Ransomware precautions, stop WannaCry Ransomware

WannaCry Ransomware: The Wanna Cry cyber attack started on this past Friday from a medical facility, NHS in the UK. However, the decrypt code is out now. It is available and victims can use is to decrypt their encrypted files from the malware.

WannaCry Ransomware Decrypt Code

The medical employees said that it spread from one computer to another. NHS officials shared some screenshots of the WannaCry demanding $300 in Bitcoins (an untraceable virtual currency) to unlock all the records data present on every laptop. As the day progressed, the attack was reported from many countries primarily European International locations.

In one report, it was mentioned that Russia was hit more than every other single nation. Later on, another report came which suggested that the ransomware was swiftly handled and no delicate knowledge was compromised. The malware attack was reported in Spain too, where the people were told to shut down their computer systems.

Check: Vulkan Runtime Libraries.

WannaCry Ransomware decrypt code, WannaCry Ransomware removal guide, WannaCry Ransomware precautions, stop WannaCry Ransomware
WannaCry Ransomware

Various reports and screenshots were shared by people on social media from Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, the US, Sweden, and China. Worldwide meetings were arranged to handle the cyber attack.

An anticipated announcement is awaited wherein they pledge higher co-operation within the battle in opposition to cyber-crime, together with recognizing potential vulnerabilities and assessing safety measures. In another news, it has spread over 150 countries.

Who’s behind WannaCry Ransomware & How do Wanna Decryptor works?

The infection/malware was deployed via a worm – a program which replicated itself from one computer to another. Most of such malicious programmes on making/tricking people into clicking on an attachment which injects the code into the system automatically.

Some consultants said that the assault could have been configured taking advantage of a weak spot in Microsoft techniques. NSA has recognized the same. A group or bunch of hackers stole some NSA instruments and made them public in April. They referred it as a protest about US President Donald Trump.

However, at that time, some cyber security consultants said that the malware was kinda outdated. Microsoft launched a patch to fix the problem in March. Now, again, the OS giant has released another patch/update to fix the loophole in May after WannaCry Ransomware came into action.

On Friday, Microsoft rolled out an update to the older OS’s customers like for Windows XP, Windows 7,  Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003. And Windows 10

was updated too from the backend.

Everyone should update their Windows OS.

How to Stop WannaCry Ransomware? How can you remove it?

If your system has been compromised, then, first of all, don’t every try to pay them as it will encourage the hackers. Consult a technician if you are a cyber security noob. However, if your system is still running clean, install some Ransomware Protector making your PC protected against such threats.

Antiviruses/Internet security solutions like Comodo (freely available), Kaspersky (paid), and Bitdefender (paid) work well. There are more both free and paid tools available on the internet to use. Some people have recommended Cybereason Ransomeware Protector to fight against WannaCry.

Update: WannaCry shut down accidentally, How?

A younger security researcher known as @malwaretechblog on Twitter found a random string of characters in the ransomware’s code. Out of curiosity, he registered the domain and inadvertently shut WannaCry down.

WannaCry Ransomware Decrypt Code

If you are still searching for a decrypt code for WannaCry Ransomware, then, here it is WNcry@2ol7

You can also decrypt the WnCry encrypted files by following this guide -> https://howtoremove.guide/how-to-decrypt-ransomware/

Wanna Cry Ransomware Guidelines & Precautions:

  • Be careful to click on harmful links in your emails. Avoid clicking suspicious or unnecessary links in email
  • Avoid downloading unknown email attachments.
  • Be wary of visiting unsafe or unreliable sites.
  • Never click on a link that you do not trust on a web page or access to Facebook or messaging applications such as WatSab and other applications.
  • Install the patch release by Microsoft Windows.
  • If you receive a message from your friend with a link, ask him before opening the link to confirm, (infected machines send random messages with links).
  • Keep your files backed up regularly and periodically.
  • Be aware of fraudulent e-mail messages that use names similar to popular services such as PayePal instead of PayPal or use popular service names without commas or excessive characters.
  • use anti-virus and Always be updated.
  • use Windows Update to update windows to close the gap.

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