WhatsApp For iOS Updates: New Features Come To iOS 10 Running iPhones and iPads

Whatsapp for iOS Update Features
Whatsapp for iOS Update Features

Whatsapp for iOS Update Features: The most popular messenger service, WhatsApp has released a new update for iOS 10. It has made the texting app look like a stock dialer. There are some new features added into the app with the update. The new features are for iOS 10 running iPhones and iPads. (check: iPad Pro 2 Specs.)

The latest update has made the app to increase in memory. Now, the users will have to download 84.2MB to use the app. The new updates, the users can answer whatsapp calls even from the lockscreen, just like with the standard phone calls via the stock dialer. With iOS 10 CallKit, third party will now run like stock phone apps.

Whatsapp for iOS Update Features

Moreover, the users can now command Siri to place a phone call or send a message through Whatsapp app. This would prove to be useful for some users atleast. Earlier, it was reported that the latest iOS update will support third party apps like WeChat, LinkedIn, Slack, and others. Thus, Apple has startedd intergrating Siri with this move.

The new iOS Whatsapp update has features that were already present in the beta version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone. Just for a example, a new widget is made which enables the users to check the unread messaged and jump to any of the threads without actually launching the app.

One more feature to tell regarding the new updates is the gesture control. With it, you can switch between the front facing camera and back camera with a double tap on the phone’s screen.

The messenger giant has released updates right after a day of that beta has enhanced the Windows Phone. Now, a camera icon has been added at the bottom of the Settings bar in the chat window. This is done for users who continually shares images and videos with tohers. Moreover, this feature would enable the users to share media to more than one contact at a time.

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