WhatsApp Video Call Feature Now Active On Android After Windows Phones and iPhone

WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on Android
WhatsApp Video Calling Feature on Android

WhatsApp Video Calling Apk App Download Android: After a long wait and months of leaks and rumors, the messenger is finally available live with WhatsApp Android apk app. The catch is that it’s available but limited to the latest beta app with the version 2.16.318.

First of all, it went live for the beta version of the Windows Phone app. The rumors say the full-fledged app with video call feature will be available on iOS at first. However, the voice calling feature first come for Android OS. How to make a video call on WhatsApp? First of all, the phones at both the ends need to have the latest beta version else it will show “couldn’t place call” error.

WhatsApp Video Calling Apk App Download

The more features will be added to the final update or the upcoming version of the app. As of now, to make the video call, you need to tap call button, then it will ask you what to make a voice all or a video call. Both options will appear after clicking on that button.

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It has got almost all the feature which other apps have like switching the camera, mute the audio, and send a message. However, if you want to send a message in between the video conferencing, then it will pause the video call. If the user at the other didn’t answer or rejected the voice call, three options would appear – cancel, call again, and record a voice message.

Download WhatsApp Messenger (Video Call Feature) 2.16.318 App Apk

Overall, the video call quality was just okay. However, there was a little bit of lag even on a 50Mbps WiFi network. Obviously, the company will look into it and improve the feature. Also, the voice call quality wasn’t as it is when we do only Voice Call. You can put your feedback which will make the company address it at the earliest. We hope that it will be fixed properly before making available on stable builds.

WhatsApp Video Calling Apk App Download Android – how to enable/activate?

Moreover, the WhatsApp video call doesn’t have ‘knock knock’ feature. Thus, there will be no video preview of the caller even before answering.

Note: Some people are able to enjoy a video call even on version 2.16.316.

If WhatsApp makes it the best, then it will ruin the game for Google’s appDuo which only makes video calls at the moment. It is because, the messenger already has a massive user base of more than a billion people and it is hugely popular, obvious.

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been improving itself for the last couple of months. It has already got features like users tags, draw and add stickers to images like in Snapchat and Siri support on iOS devices. Also, a public chat feature is in the queue and working on it.

In case, you want to try the video calling on WhatsApp, download the latest version from the link given above or from APKmirror.

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