With These Games You Will Plunge Into Another Reality


Traveling through another reality is a concept that has been used in many games for a long time. It is a peculiar part of the storyline where the protagonist takes a trip to another world. Today, it is not necessary to have an expensive computer or a game console at hand in order to plunge into a magical world. To visit another dimension, you can use your smartphone. 

The variety of computer games in recent years has changed a lot based on technological advances in graphics cards and monitors and the composition of the staff that develops computer games. 

List of the Most Exciting Games

There are several most fascinating games that can take the player to another reality:

  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that can recreate the real world in virtual space. Free-flying around the globe, and various landing tests in some of the most challenging airports in the world are mesmerizing moments. 
  2. Sid Meyer’s Civilization VI is a game that allows you to chart the path of a people from a nomadic existence to the great empire of the future. 
  3. Prey – The game will make the player fear for his life as he encounters common inanimate objects. This immersive simulation is a very strange one. There is a wide variety of strange, unique tools to fight enemies. 
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 is about the story of Arthur Morgan. The captivating atmosphere of the wild west is mesmerizing. Read more about this game at the following Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Dead_Redemption_2.
  5. Control is the story of Jesse Fayden who sneaks into the offices of the Federal Bureau of Control. He has a stellar set of abilities. The game is filled with unexpected twists and turns, and an exciting location. 
  6. Genshin Impact is a game with 48 game characters, and 3 wide main areas to explore. It is one of the most impressive games. 
  7. GTA 5 is an open-world game filled with great content. 
  8. Forza Horizon 5 is a sleek and fast smorgasbord of driving freedom. This racing game is suitable for any player. 
  9. FTL: Faster Than Light is a game that simulates the feeling of commanding a spaceship. Here you can be blown up by an enemy ship or get caught by killer insects that just destroy everything in their path. 
  10. Medium is a psychological 3rd person horror game. The player is a spirit medium named Marianne. She travels to the abandoned resort of Niva. She needs to learn about her skills but everything will change when she arrives at the site. Throughout the gameplay, the player travels between the real world and the spiritual realm. 
  11. Bayonetta is an excellent action game. Explosive action awaits the player here, where the protagonist’s skills are tested in opposition to deity creatures.
  12. Silt is a surreal underwater puzzle game where the lone player explores the depths of the ocean to discover its mysteries. There is an atmosphere of fear and horror. The game has a gorgeous black and white graphics. There is a contrast between dark and light elements, so the player will feel the horror and danger that is inherent in the sea depths when meeting monsters.
  13. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most impressive open-world games. It is intense, beautiful, and atmospheric. 
  14. Ghostbuster is a game of ultra-violence and constant motion. It is not for the faint of heart. There is an atmosphere of tension and excitement. 
  15. Dying Light 2. is an open-world game that has fresh parkour-style gameplay.
  16. God of War. Here the player is Kratos, a demigod who has destroyed almost the entire Greek pantheon. On his journey, the player will have to fight his way through various creatures and deities.

The list of exciting games is also presented in the table below: 


Name  Description
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition It is an exciting space-themed game, capable of taking the player through many galaxies and worlds.
Death Stranding The player will have to travel through the apocalyptic United States to deliver valuable cargo. This game can be fun due to the excellent storyline.
Half-Life: Alyx  It begins with the rescue of the protagonist’s father but then the player has to steal a super weapon from the aliens.
NEO 2 It’s a challenging and engaging game. It rewards the user for exploring combat systems inside and out and extracts all the merits from its loot.
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice It is a fascinating game that puts the player in the shoes of the Young Wolf, and he must save his master. 


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Games with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality remains the most exciting feature of modern games. With it, gamers can enjoy the beauty and enchantment of another dimension. More about virtual reality can be found in the Britannica article at https://www.britannica.com/technology/virtual-reality. A list of games with virtual reality is shown below:

  1. Moss – it is a game that captures you from the first minutes with bright graphics and the immediate experience of that world around you.
  2. Statik – it is a puzzle game.
  3. Beat Saber – it is exciting furniture-crashing fun.
  4. Star Trek: The Bridge Brigade – it is a game about colleagues who argue about moral philosophy.
  5. Ultrawings – it is an addictive game that gives the feeling of flying with sudden jerks in your stomach.
  6. Rez Infinite – it is a stunning game that draws you in from the first minutes.
  7. Blood and Truth – it is addictive gameplay with firefights.

Such games are played with special equipment. Yet with them, time will fly by unnoticed. 

Benefits of Games with Virtual Reality

The main advantage of games with virtual reality is a complete immersion in the game world. Here the player becomes a character. Graphic elements in these games are so realistic that it is no different from real life. They are quite dynamic, and because of this gameplay is fun and interesting. The developers have tried to ensure that everything was close to realism, so the player is completely transferred to the game and has genuine feelings in the process of completing levels. 

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