Kumkum Bhagya 29th Dec 2015 Episode: Pragya dressed as fuggi to tell the truth !

Arjit Taneja from Kumkum Bhagya as Bigg Boss 10 contestant
Arjit Taneja from Kumkum Bhagya as Bigg Boss 10 contestant

In this episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi mistakes that Pragya hasĀ refused to pay the bills of Bulbul and slammed her for the crime she has never done. Pragya kept on trying to explain to him that she was paying the bills and nurse were taking out the papers of Bulbul but Abhi didn’t listened to a single word and keep on blaming her and told her that if they were in a relation he must have probably slapped her for doing this. Background music plays and Pragya was not successful in explaining her situation to Abhi. [Also See: Last Episode of Kumkum Bhagya]

Kumkum Bhagya Tuesday Episode

The doctor comes with a good news that they have removed the glass pieces from her face with very much difficulty, Sarla took a long breath when he told that Bulbul is out of the risk now. He told that her face was damaged and she has to go under a plastic surgery, Doctor explains that she would be all fine. He further added that her cord was cut and it would be difficult to talk to her. Aaliya smiles and pretends of supporting Purab, he told her to be in the distance. On inquired by Abhi, Doctor told that they can meet her tomorrow. Sarla insists on staying when Purab advised her to go home as all they were in the hospital.

Kumkum Bhagya

Aaliya was celebrating her victory outside the hospital after which Raj and Tanu comes and threatens her to leave the support in case she would not share the secret with them. Alia told them that the conspiracy was planned by her only. She further added that Bulbul’sĀ face is damaged now and Purab will hate her.

Pragya again tried to explain the reality to Abhi but he was emotional and drunk. He told his feelings once again to Pragya and she got touched after listening to them.

Pragya finally decided to tell the complete truth to Abhi and comes as dressed in her earlier looks of fuggi. She told him to stop as she wants to tell something important to him but Abhi thinks that she was again doing play card and has not changed. Pragya told him that he only knows half truth and she would tell complete truth to him today. She told him that she is all his always and was never changed.

It looks like directors of Kumkum Bhagya are planning to end the controversy of Raj and Alia as many audience was bored of it. It would be interesting to see the new twists and turns in the series.

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