Rustom (Rustam) Collection 10th / 11th Day / 2nd Weekend Sunday / Monday Box Office Report: Akshay Kumar film complets 10 days run

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Rustom 3rd week box office collection and earnings report

Rustom Collection 10th / 11th Day / 2nd Weekend Sunday / Monday Box Office Report: Rustom movie of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar remains the most top notch film during the entire weekend of the 2nd week too. As there was no mainstream release, Rustom collection got a clean pitch to perform. Since the movie had failed to meet any expectations on the weekdays, a huge part of responsibility relies on the weekend collections. Akshay Kumar had done some 200 crore club films, Rustam’s success on box office will be measured with the fact whether it’s able to concede the earnings in-house competition.

Rustom collection proved that movie critics and fans as well had preferred to watch Akshay Kumar’s film over Hrithik Roshan’s Mohenjo Daro. Mohenjo Daro flopped on Bollywood so badly that no traces could be seen during the weekdays. Being a high budget film, it was the third consecutive failure of Hrithik Roshan with the Bollywood. Akshay Kumar’s Rustom also got a much better pre-release buzz in comparison to Hrithik’s film.

All the sides of the book were not positive for a single film. A noticeable trend of audience preference was seen in Bollywood. Rustom collection was performing much better in the multiplexes and urban areas. While the competitor played well in the countryside and single screen theaters. The reports from Punjab, Mumbai, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh was comparatively ten times better than of the countryside.

Rustom Collection

Rustom Collection and 2nd Weekend Sunday Box Office earnings full report

Rustam also stays stable in many prime locations including multiplexes in Eastern India. Usually, there was a narrow scope of Bollywood films in the past but response on Akshay Kumar’s film was good enough. Urban cities like Mysore, Nizam were magnificent for the movie to collect a big box figure on the opening day itself.

The first day went super fantastic for Rustom collection. The movie released just a few hours ago observed houseful shows in Morning, Evening and Night despite the fact that it was raining. Akshay Kumar craze had once again touched the heights. Most probably the most of the audience was there to see film of star who had done fabulous acting in Airlift movie. As a result of tremendous response, Rustom at box office earned 14.11 crores as its opening day collection.

However, the film had sustained the domestic market and observed a benchmarking growth. Earning over 100 crores worldwide collections during the first four days long weekend was a great thing.

Among the 50 crore rupees budget of the film, 25 crores were utilized in production cost and other 15 crores went towards marketing and advertising costs thereof.

During the Second Day, Saturday, there was rain at various locations of India. Because of the rain, the film grows only 10%. The growth earlier expected was 30% at least on weekends. But 16.43 crores rupees figure on a subsequent day was quite fine.

The overseas market also responded in favor. The movie is all about a person who has to leave his family for a job; many Indian overseas can relate themselves to. Collecting a figure of 4.3 crore rupees from UAE-GCC was not good. Airlift had earned a great money without landing itself into any trouble.

Rustom had collected 8.30 crores as opening day earnings from International market. The weekend total stands at 23 crore rupees from overseas. During the entire week, Rustom collection stands at a figure of 25 crore rupees from overseas market.

Rustom Collection and 2nd Weekend Sunday Box Office earnings full report

Rustam 2nd Weekend Collection

Rustom Box Office Collection – 10th Day = 7 Crore rupees

Rustom 11th Day Collection – Rs. 4 cr*

Rustom Collection = 108.08 cr Domestic + 25.4 crore Worldwide = 133.48

The 2nd week was opened very well at the box office, raising the heights to the expectations. During the hot morning of Friday, occupancy remained moderate in theaters and film minted out 04.41 cr from the domestic market.

The hopes got better with the arrival of the first day of the 2nd weekend. On Saturday Rustam collected an amazing amount of 05.77 cr rupees, marking a growth of around 20% on the box office. On 2nd Sunday, the earnings were 7 crore rupees which is great.

The Rustom box office collection has already crossed 100 crores in India. The next target would be 200 crores for being a superhit.

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