Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August Wednesday full episode: Mihika starts feeling insecure for Romi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August Wednesday episode: Romi asked the girl which was hidden inside the cupboard to come out and gave her money and asked her to come again tomorrow. He went and asked her to go after 5 minutes.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2016

Aaliya asked Mani as why he was doing work that late. He said when a person is alone and lonely, he becomes workaholic. He asked her to sleep and not worry for him. She remembered Mihir’s word and thought he was right that Mani would be happy after marriage. She then said to Mani that she was happy that he was getting married to Shagun and left from there.

She checked online about the side effects of loneliness. She got worried about Mihir as he too was alone in his life and tried to call him but his phone was not reachable so she called Adi and asked him to come as he wanted to meet Mihir but could not go alone.

Adi thought about the tips given by Mihir and said that might be Aaliya wanted to meet him and Mihir was just an excuse. He got happy and started getting ready.

Mihika got a girl’s earring from the hotel room when Romi checked in. She asked her about the girl and said she did not ask there as she did not want to create scene in front of Ashok. But Romi denied and said there was no one there and left from there. She cried and thought Romi was cheating on her.

Aaliya and Adi went to meet Mihir but he was not opening the door. They searched for the keymaker as they wanted a duplicate key of Mihir’s house so that they could open the door. The keymaker made the key. They were about to open the door but Mihir woke up and opened the door. He asked them as what they were doing there that late. Aaliya said we came to meet you but now we had to leave. He called them strange and closed the door back. Aaliya got happy seeing Mihir alright and thanked Adi for that and kissed him on the cheek. He smiled and thought Aaliya had started liking him.

Pihu woke up and got happy on seeing Shagun there. She told her that she missed her a lot and asked her why she did not come. Shagun said she was helpless as a lady did not allow her to come. Pihu asked her about the lady. Shagun said she would tell her if she promised that she would not tell anyone else. Pihu promised. Shagun told her that it was Ishita who did not let her come to meet Pihu. Pihu said she would never talk to her but Shagun said talk less to her and maintain a distance. She hugged her and smirked.

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