History of Union Bank


Union bank is one of the largest public sector banks in the country. The list government of India holds 83.50 total bank share capital the bank in Mumbai (India) was requested by 11 November 1919, as a limited company.

This bank was founded in 1864 as the bank of California and in 1996, The name was changed to union bank of California 2008  was as union bank. The founder of union bank Kaspore chon was a highly successful businessman in the growing industry of California.

The owner of the union bank is the government of India. Union bank of the Philippines(UBP) was incorporated on 16 august 1968, originally known as union Savings and mortgage bank, and operates as a universal bank. Its universal banking license was acquired in July 1992.

How Many Nationalized Banks are in India

Currently India, there are many banks there are nationalized, and their names are the Punjab national bank of India, bank of Baroda, the central bank of India, bank of India, Canara bank, the Bank of Maharashtra, and the state bank of India these are nationalized banks.

How Many Union Bank Branches in India

The union bank locator has information about 10170 branches in India and the atm locator has information about around 1770 union bank of India ATMs and 10170 union bank branches in India. The two banks were merged into the union bank of India three are; Adhara bank and corporation bank merged with the union bank.

The union bank branches are in India Rajasthan has 302 Branches, Sikkim has 10 branches, Tamil Nadu has 654 branches, Telangana has 642 branches, Tripura has 11 branches, Uttar Pradesh has 1298 branches, Uttarakhand has 131 branches, west Bengal has 316 branches this like more than branches are in India.

Union bank received an A+ rating. And Union bank of India is owned by 120 million customers and has a total business of US$106 billion. Today it has networks of 8850+ domestic branches, 11200 amts+ 8216 Bc points serving, and 120 million customers with 75000+ employees working. The Union bank employees are working is 75201 employees in India.

The bank employees are very humble people who work in a bank and are responsible for helping members cash, saving accounts, and providing customer checks. The government owns 55.43% of its share capital, remaining public, private organizations, and foreign companies. This bank is very strong and secure in India. Many peoples trust the Union Bank of India.


What are the Benefits to Customers in Union Bank of India?

The benefits for customers are Zero balance accounts and no maintaining minimum balance requirement unlimited free multi-city checkbook complete free electronics fund to transfer NEFT/RTGS across all banks in India atm cum debit card, issued free of charge.

Transaction at own bank Atms.8 financial transactions are free in own bank means union bank atm for classic and platinum debit card holders. Twenty financial transactions are free for our bank debit card holders.

The Union Bank of India is very secure in India. More than the security services of this bank, employees are treated very humbly and kindly. We want to help the customer be very satisfied and trust the bank.

Very secure bank in India; running this bank for more than 102 years, it is the very oldest bank in India popular bank with good systems, and more facilitative, the most popular bank in India Union bank provides supply chain financing insurance solutions, foreign exchange cash management and truly service financial markets remittance online and mobile banking.

Each saving account has annual fees, which are waived for this year if you maintain 10,000 in your account balance and waive the prices for the succeeding personal savings annual fees of p350.

I got the union bank of India mini statement via SMS to send to 09223008486 from your registered mobile number post that will receive a text message with your last transaction details. One needs to log in to the net banking account and select the transaction data, range the format for the account statements, and click the statement button.

Which Bank Merged with Union Bank

The central government, in the exercise of the banking companies 1970/1980 after the consultation with the reserve bank of India, has notified the amalgamation of Andhra bank and corporation bank into the union bank of India schema 2020.

Union Bank of India Uses 11 Digit IFSC code.

For the Union bank Ifsc code, the first four letters start in UBIN, and the last 6 digits will refer to specific branch codes; for example, if the code is UBIN0000530786, 530786 is a branch code.


The union bank is one of the leading public-sector banks in India. There are more than branches and ATMs in India is a very secretary bank and popular bank its no minimum balance changes no extra changes this bank is very secure in India.

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