Your 2022 Due Diligence Checklist


Acquiring a business necessitates a thorough understanding of all internal operations and transactions. A high degree of trust and security is essential when dealing with sensitive information, legal matters, and major business deals or transactions. A due diligence online data room software is one of the most effective tools for accomplishing these goals.

Many corporate dealings need thorough due diligence, including those involving real estate, M&A, and other sorts of capital investments. When it comes to acquisitions, mergers, and other similar transactions, establishing a thorough due diligence checklist is one of the most effective ways to ensure a company has every essential document in order.

But what should a due diligence checklist look like? Let’s find out!

Due diligence and virtual data rooms

Due diligence is a lengthy and tedious process, and it might take months depending on the kind of transaction (IPO, M&A, joint ventures, etc.). With the advent of data room vendors, the due diligence procedure has been sped up considerably.

A due diligence electronic data room is a secure cloud storage facility for all parties involved in the exchange of confidential corporate information. It may be used to store and transmit key commercial, legal, and financial records that can be given to potential investors or buyers for review and analysis to help them make better decisions.

The folders and subfolders can then be arranged in accordance with the company’s needs. Additionally, virtual data rooms make it simple to find any file by searching for it with a certain keyword or file name.

Using online data room software, companies can save and share sensitive information in a highly secure online repository that is available round-the-clock.

What are due diligence checklists?

A due diligence checklist is simply a way to arrange all of the relevant business records that are required for mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, joint ventures, and financing in a neat and organized manner.

The process is mutually advantageous for both parties (sellers and buyers). The due diligence checklist can be used by sellers to organize all relevant documents in a precise sequence. A checklist is also a good way for purchasers to get going and figure out what documentation is required.

The due diligence checklist can help you learn about a company’s assets, obligations, contracts, employees’ data, litigations, financial records, inventory records, etc.

Due diligence checklist for 2022

For your convenience, we’ve put together a simple checklist of the documentation which you should add to your due diligence virtual data room:

1. General information

  • Minutes from previous board meetings
  • Subsidiaries and joint ventures, as well as any other relevant information
  • Any changes to the company’s bylaws
  • Locations in which the corporation is authorized to conduct business lawfully
  • Good standing certificate

 2. Company and ownership details

  • A list of the company’s directors and officers
  • Records pertaining to the issuance of options, shares, warrants, and the like.
  • Detailed records of all previous and present shareholder agreements, rights, and obligations
  • Organization chart

 3. Accounts and financial details

  • A complete set of audited financial accounts for the three most recent fiscal years (at least)
  • A copy of the company’s general ledger
  • Financial statements (unaudited)
  • Details on long-term strategies
  • Financial forecasts for the future

4. Tax information

  • Returns of revenue from all sources, including federal, state, and local governments (at least last three years)
  • Sales tax returns for the previous three years
  • A copy of any tax settlements or liens, if applicable
  • Excise tax returns over the previous three years
  • Employment tax returns over the last three years

It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list. Every transaction has its own unique conditions and investor requirements. Some other relevant details could include documents about clients, human resources, employees, intellectual properties, intangible assets, deeds, mortgages, real estate deals, compliance certificates, loan agreements, and any other information that may affect the company directly or indirectly.

Wrapping up

Prioritizing or categorizing documentation for review in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, or other financial transactions is made easier with the use of a due diligence checklist. It’s also possible to speed up the process by using current corporate technologies, such as virtual data rooms.

There are a lot of data room software providers out there, and choosing the right one has the potential to make or break a business deal. Using a reliable virtual data room vendor can offer value to the process by making communication and analysis easier for all parties.

You should consider data room services if you are a growing business carrying out large transactions.

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