Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 Episode 3 30th July 2016: Kush Carries The Virus In His Veins

24 Season 2 21st August 2016
24 Season 2 21st August 2016

24 Season 2 Episode 3 30th July 2016: Commissioner’s son Rahul met Jai. Inder came back home and thanked Kiran for taking care of Milli. Inder asked her if she had a look in his bedroom as he needed some interior designer for it and also for some of his other flats. Kiran asked him about his wife and also asked about how was she as she got a fracture. (check: 24 Last Episode.)

He said that she went back to the car to take something. Kiran went out and saw his wife who tried to cover up her fracture on seeing Kiran. Kiran came back to her home and locked the door and got herself a glass of water. She was really tensed.  Just then Veer came. She hugged him and felt relaxed.


24 Season 2 Episode 3 30th July 2016

Kush Sawant was the one who purchased the drugs. When his GF came to know that, she did not allow him to come in. Shivani asked her team to catch Kush before he delivered the drugs and also asked for updates about Haroon.

Kiran said to Veer that they would all stay happily at home together but Veer said it was not possible for him to live with papa as he missed her mom a lot and started crying. He then asked Kiran to talk about something else other than Papa.

Rahul and jai were in the car as jai had some important work. Jai made Rahul unconscious by hitting him on the head.

24 Season 2 Episode 3 30th July 2016

Kush paid the 4 months rent advanced. His mom and dad were shocked and asked where did he got so much money. He said he saved but his dad asked if he did gambling and asked him to show his bag. His mom and dad were shocked to see drugs in it.

She snatched the drug packet from him and threw in the kitchen sink. Kush saw ATU and started running. Shivani asked her team to catch Kush, and she went to the house and asked to stop the drainage as if the drug had some virus it would spread in the city through sewerage as Kush’s mom threw the drugs in the sink.

Gyan informed Haroon about Kush going to be caught soon. Haroon said jai was his last hope. Aditya said to Bomik that he hoped the meeting they had would not affect their relation at all as it was just a political matter. He agreed and promised that it would not.

24 Season 2 Episode 3 30th July 2016

Deevayani was on her way to meet Aditya. Veer said to Kiran that he thought there was someone else in his dad’s life. Kiran asked him not to say like that even if he was angry with him but he showed her CCTV footage of his father kissing a girl. She got shocked.

Shivani got to know that Kush had just regular cocaine in the packets and thought where the virus could be if not in the packages. Gyan informed Haroon and jai that Roshan killed Marathe in jail.

Jai said it did his work to free Roshan more difficult, but Haroon said he was given a lot of money. Shivani got to know that Kush himself was injected with the virus injection, and he was virus carrier himself. Kush went in to some mall that was really crowded.

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