Android 7 Nougat Release Date and Features: Google To Launch Android 7.0 ‘N’ Next Month

Android Nougat Phones
Android Nougat Phones

Android Nougat Release Date & Features: Many of the people don’t know about the much-anticipated release of the new Android 7 operating system. The new Android version which is just a few weeks away. (check: Nexus 2016 Release Date.)

Although there is no official and confirmed the date of release for the full and final launch of this latest version, but it is likely to be launched in the last week of September or in the first days of October. However, many of people will notice this version when it will be officially launched by Google.


Android Nougat Release Date & Features

The next version 7.0 is named as ‘Nougat’ (also known by the name Android ‘N’). It is the upcoming release of the operating system. The alpha built was launched on 9 March this year in which the new version was formally unveiled.

Then on 13 April, the Android N Developer Preview 2 was announced. During a conference on May 18, 2016, Google further discussed the Android ‘N’ and unveiled its new virtual reality platform ‘Daydream.’

Also, the quality beta preview of this version was made public here. On 30 June, Google announced that the ‘N’ release would be ‘Nougat.’

Android Nougat Release Date & Features

According to the reports, the new Android Nougat will have many new features to the phone users. This version supports multiple user support. It also optimizes interactive gestures and added Huawei’s ROG power saving technology for the first time in the history.

This can decrease the screen resolution to save the power and optimizes the battery, and it works for long hours. One of the other most exciting features is the new Vulkan 3D Graphics API which will allow developers to input more and more graphical frames into the common frame without maximizing the phone power consumption.

This version also strengthens the security measures of the device using file based encryption and media framework hardening. Moreover, this version is made available with a method/technique named as interleaving.

Android Nougat Release Date & Features

It allows the device to recover from a loss of 4kb source block to consecutive blocks, and this decreases the space needed to obtain error connection.

The video watching experience also gets smoother in this version. This version allows the video to run in the corner in a separate window which could be beneficial for following live streams while working with the other apps. This version also prevents from booting if a virus is detected or restrict access to a limited use mode like the safe mode which we use in your PC’s.

There is also some news that this operating system demonstrates the compatibility with the Sony’s Xperia Z series devices. It is also revealed that the Xperia Z5 is assumed to be the first smartphone to receive the Nougat, and it is set to be followed by the Xperia Z4, Xperia Z3 and then the others.

Android 7 Features and Release Date

The Sony devices having the Marshmallow update will not be getting this upcoming OS.

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What features do you want to Android 7 to have?

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