5 Reasons How I Met your mother season 10 is Cancelled for Good

5 Reasons How I Met your mother season 10 is Cancelled for Good: Mix response of How I met your father Season 1 and cameo debut by Cobie Smulders spiked questions about the possibility of another season of How I Met Your Mother. This post will discuss 5 Reasons How I Met your mother season 10 is Cancelled for Good.

How I met your mother fans know that Season 10 was canceled long ago. However, Jason Segel recently shared that he will be in for a reunion season if it happens. No matter how much anyone would have loved the show, getting a sequel season would be a terrible idea. Here are the top 5 reasons why How I Met your mother season 10 shouldn’t happen.

Reason 1 – RIP Bob Saget

The legendary Narrator who narrated the entire nine seasons of HIMYM as the voice of Future Ted is no more with us. Even the HIMYF reviews on multiple social media websites describe how much the fans are already missing Bob. No matter what Bob said in his interviews, we fans do believe he was the spine of the show, and Season 10 wouldn’t make any sense without him.

Reason 2 – Alyson Hannigan had a different vibe in “Outmatched.”

I might be the only person who watched because of Alyson Hannigan’s role. The role of Lily Aldrin was way better than the ‘Beth’ cameo played by Alyson in the comedy series “Outmatched.” If you haven’t watc hed the show, here is a small clip.

Reason 3 – NPH Legacy Shouldn’t Look Back

NPH’s role transformed from a guy ready for the next fling every next minute, and then he altered his life’s destiny and dedicated all of it towards doing good for the world and his daughter. HIMYM is a show anyone could watch a hundred times and never get sick of it. Having a different ending for the most awesome guy in the show may alter the binging experience.

Neil Patrick Harris further did Harold and Kumar’s movies based on Barney Stinson’s character. If you haven’t watched Harold and Kumar yet, do catch a small clip here..

Reason 4 – Unfair to Tracy McConnell

Cristin Milioti worked hard for her limited time at the show and nailed it. We could never forget her retention of La Vie En Rose. A quick glimpse at Cristin’s audition for How I Met Your Mother can easily convey how easy it was for Josh to go along with her. Honestly, if Cristin’s character would’ve got more episodes, it wouldn’t be easier for the audience to let her go.

Reason 5 – How I Met Your Mother Alternate Ending Wasn’t Great for Robin

The alternate ending was kind of sad and too emotional. It was just rotating around the episode closing up the chapters for the audience to decide the ending of Ted and Robin. And in fact return of Cobie Smulders in HIMYF as Robin would set a great storyline for the only character in the show who didn’t get loved enough in her lifetime.

If you hadn’t watched the alternate ending, here is the clip for you

These are the top 5 reasons I consider most important in deciding the fate of an already canceled show. What do you think about these ? Do let us know in the comments below.

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