Airlift 2nd Day (2 Days) Collection: 1st Saturday Box Office Report – Huge response from fans crossed 30 Crores

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Airlift 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Airlift 1st Saturday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: The movie featuring Nimrat Kaur and Akshay Kumar is doing well on boxoffice. The patriotic movie made to salute the heroes of Indian Army and Air India in the rescue operation conducted at Jordan and Kuwait was found touching hearts in its second day of release. The movie has received a huge positive response from the movie critics and thus ruling out all phases of Bollywood today. (see: bigg boss 9 winner.)

On the day 1, we have observed huge occupancy in most of the theaters in India and overseas. The movie has been identified doing a great business in the territories outside the India. With an overall response, the film successfully collects more than 13 crores on its initial day of release. (Read More: Airlift First Day Box Office Collections)

Airlift 2nd Day Collection

2 Days Airlift 1st Saturday Box Office

Since the second day was a weekend, huge upraise in the movie earning has been identified. Airlift collecting over 13 crores rupees in the initial day has already set up new benchmarks for Akshay Kumar in the entertainment industry. The earnings took a definite mode with an increase in earnings on Saturday. (see: Kya Kool Hain Hum collection.)

On the first day, the occupancy was observed in the theaters were 60-100% in the most of the metropolitian cities and over 40-70% in the rural areas. While on the second day some cinemas have to return the visitors because of Housefull shows, as per our initial reports. In the rural areas, the magic is still ruling out with over 50-80% occupancy.


Airlift collections from national territories account to rupees 16.73 Crores for the second day, i.e, for Saturday. While on the international theaters the magic is still happening with a huge response from the USA, UAE, and Canada.

Airlift 2nd Day Collection – Rs. 12.35 cr [early estimates]

Airlift 2 days box office collections: 16.73 Crores + 12.35 Crores: 29 Crores + 7 Crores Worldwide = 36 Crores

2 Days Airlift 1st Saturday Box Office

Akshay Kumar has taken out a huge help from social media channels to make out his movie a true success, which results from a higher viewership on the ‘Soch Na Sake’ song from the movie. The song itself describes a lot about the movie. It’s also a well-known fact that songs of the flick were largely favorited by the citizens.

The international or overseas collections also remain high at several spots, as the talkie framed its name as one of the highest rated movies on the International Movie Database of all times.

Airlift 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Airlift 1st Saturday Box Office

It is a Bollywood film featuring Akshay Kumar as Ranjit Katyal in the lead roles, who is a Kuwait-based businessman. It’s the story of a period when Saddam Hussain has invaded in Kuwait and as a problematic result over 1.7 Lakh Indians were stuck in the country, far away from their home. You can read Airlift Review to follow up the remaining part of the story.

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