Airlift Movie Review and Rating: Best entertainer of the week

Airlift 6th Tuesday Collection sixth week Airlift 40 Days Box Office
Airlift 6th Tuesday Collection sixth week Airlift 40 Days Box Office

Airlift Review: Must watch, almost everything is perfect. A true sense of patriotism. Perfect Combination of Emotions, Drama, Action and a little bit comedy.

Airlift featuring Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur in the lead roles, the movie is perfect in all ways. The first half of the movie is quite impressive and touchy. Family, Relations and the personages who forgot their home country for a hedonistic lifestyle are highlighted. During the second half, the movie is based on the rescue operations took place to Airlift the Indians from Iraq by distinguishing them from the locals.

Airlift Movie Storyline

Nimrat Kaur is playing many multifaceted roles in the movie. From the wife of the richest person in the country to a household lady who couldn’t manage to resist her husband from going into a total mess. The conditions in the movie are drafted in order to give a wide view of the actual problems in the Iraq and Kuwait during Saddam Hussain period. The shooting was done in UAE and Rajasthan to provide a true feel of the things actually happening at that time.

Although director Raja Krishna Menon also deserves credit for making it possible to put all the facts on a pen and paper like situation. The basic concept of the movie was to explain out the actual conditions of Indian History which have made it possible to conduct an operation at such a large scale.

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Although here we start Airlift Review, but keep in mind that the actual operation was conducted by Ministry of External Affairs and he is just a fictional character in the story. The capital of Jordan and Amman was also credible for providing such support to Indians in devasting situations. Although the story of Air India is true which has flown over 500 flights in a period of more than 30 days in order to rescue the citizens.

Airlift Review

Although Rajeev Sadanandan who was assisting the operation has given the credits to RAW and MEA for this operation in an article on Quora


If credit is to be handed out the top of the list should Shri. K.P. Fabien, Special Secretary in charge of Middle East. Shri. Gajendra Singh and his small team held up the operations at Amman embassy. Mr. Ratten Sehgal, then Additional Director in RAW also joined the team.

Actual Image of Airport during invasion period

Airlift Review and Rating: Moving back to the story of Airlift, it’s the story of Ranjit Katyal, a Kuwait-based multi-millionaire. When Iraq invades Kuwait, he sees himself as an important link between the government and the Indian citizens being a sole influential credible personality on a foreign land to represent all the Indians. Since it has become a war-torn country, many people got stranded in the gulf nation, Among them 1,70,000 Indians soliciting the Indian Embassy to take them back home.

Amazing photo – All religions in one canvas together constitutes true India in Airlift

Since Indian Govt wants to avoid damaging relations with the other countries, it has decided not to talk to Iraq directly and starts figuring out the alternative ways to control the situation.

Ranjit Katyal here himself proved a very useful resource to the country being an influential person in an unknown country. As a result, he became the last hope of 1.7 Lakh Indians. Ranjit Katyal follows his responsibility very well and proved out the most working link to arrange meetings between IK Gujral and Saddam Hussein.

airlift review

How a man chooses between his two loves, Country and Family. The actual struggle and pain of citizen while living in a war-torn country are the most basic projection of Airlift. Overall we can say, Airlift is a must watch this republic day and full entertaining movie in all senses.

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