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Swaragini 23rd January 2016: The episode begins with Swara telling Sanskar that Pandit Ji said that subh mahurat is after 15 days. Swara is just happy thinking of their marriage and flirts with Sanskar saying that he is a sweet little cute boy after which they have a stiff eye contact. The romantic air between the two suddenly vanishes when Sumi calls Swara. Swara takes a leave asking Sanskar to come to Baadi tomorrow. (see: Swaragini last episode.)

Meanwhile, Shekhar asks Urvashi about her being ominous about marriage and says that he regrets her presence there. Then Shekhar and his family, they go and Urvashi confronts her Jiji to make others believe of her presence there. They reach and Swara and Sumi see Urvashi there.

Swaragini 23rd January 2016

Urvashi is called by Sumi but when they get down they couldn’t find her. Shekhar says it to be Urvashi part of the drama. Swara makes a call to her. On the other hand Laksh talks to lawyer meanwhile, Ragini brings the rasgulla. Laksh asks Ragini to sign the paper. Ragini says that she will, but they should have rasgulla first. (see: All episodes of Swaragini.)

After a tensed moment, Laksh annoyingly eats rasgulla and accidently some sugar syrup falls on the paper. Laksh is ticked off and Ragini is stunned seeing his anger. Laksh gets hold of the situation saying that he was just kidding and ask her to serve him again. Ragini dazed by him warns him never ever to repeat it again or else he will be kicked out of her life.

Swaragini 23rd January 2016

Laksh says Ok and pulls her towards the bed and intimates with her after a thought that lawyer has asked to get the papers signed within two days. Sumi, Swara and Shekhar arrive and find Urvashi already present there massaging Dadi’s feet.Dadi scold Shekhar for offending Urvashi and asking her to leave. Shekhar says he has no problem with her unless she bounds her filthy ideas only up to her mind only.

Sanskar and Swara meet. Swara says something and Sanskar respond by warning her to not to gag with him ever again. He says that these are Kavita’s favourite flowers pointing to some flowers nearby. Sanskar tells Swara that Kavita is the one who wants them to be separated. Swara immediately calls Kavita and Sanskar asks her the same. Kavita tells Sanskar that she is out with her friend for a movie and ask Sanskar to do the same ignoring everything. Swara apologizes to her for misunderstanding. Swara sees Sanskar getting hyper and ask him the reason!

Swaragini 23rd January 2016

Sanskar says that she was present there. Swara changes the track and asks him to leave as he has to come for Baadi for lunch. Sanskar shows his concern for their marriage. Here Urvashi in sleep talks to janki or pretends to do so. A nail gets pierced in Sumi’s feet wearing chappal and she yells. Shekhar comes from one end and Urvashi from other.Urvashi says that she will wipe the blood and holds the nail.

Ragini expressed to Swara her concerns regarding the marriage and suggest not doing drama anymore. Swara asks her to leave if she wishes. Meanwhile, Urvashi arrives. Ragini escapes the situation. Swara recalls the happenings thinking of people who are not happy with their marriage.

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