Dangerous Woman: Ariana Grande On Saturday Night Live (SNL); Song Album Released [Watch]

Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman - Saturday Night Live (SNL)
Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman - Saturday Night Live (SNL)

Is Ariana Grande a ‘Dangerous Woman’? Check Out Tonight On ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL): Ariana used to be famous for her clean state of mind till the day when she was caught in The Donut Incident. In the video, she used her tongue to taste some unsuspecting pastry on video and made some comments hating Americans. Though, she apologized for it later on. (check: Spiderman First Look in Captain America: Civil War.)

Last year, she did perform very well and she showcased her energtic performance at the Moda Center. However, it is highly suspected that the singer can really go over the case by climbing all alone. Well, she has to do it and try anyway if she want to proceed in the life. The new album of Grande is titled as ‘Dangerous Woman’. However, it hasn’t been announced officially till date. However, it appears that it will be announced tonight – Thursday night.


Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman – Saturday Night Live (SNL)

Did anything made Ariana feel dangerous? Or what is it in real? She teased the upcoming song by posting a snippet during a Victoria’s Secret Special commercial. She sang the following using her dominant voice, “Who makes me wanna do things that I shouldn’t”.

In some promo pictures for the title song / track, she is donned in a black mask with cartoon-sized ears, evoking herself as the catwoman super villainy. Furthermore, the dark-glommy and bass-thick sound saying “Dangerous Woman” make it a soul burner. It’s like some lover is saying it but with a bad influence.

“To me, a dangerous woman is someone who’s not afraid to take a stand, be herself and, to be honest. I want to be empowering my fans. I feel like my personal growth is reflected in the sound. I’m really proud of it”, Billboard recorded it during a live chat session.

Until then, we have made available ‘Dangerous Woman’ which is present right above this paragraph. The track will be released tomorrow most probably and she will be seen performing on it and hosting Saturday Night Live.

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