Swaragini 10th March 2016 Episode: Kavya exposes her plan to Swara

Swaragini 14th March 2016

In the Last Episode of Swaragini, we have seen how Swara have consumed poison by mistake and Kavya is in the question of feeding her poison filled malpua.

Swaragini Thursday Episode

Kavya blames Ragini for planning the conspiracy. Annapurna told her to keep her mouth shut. While, Ragini follows the man who was clicking her photos secretly. She spotted that the person works at a shop named Karthik¬†Studio. Kavya tried to put all blame on Annapurna, which was well defended by Sanskar and Sujata. Inspector¬†also objects Annapurna; Durga Prasad defends her. Everything falls at Swara’s statement at the end.

Ragini went inside the shop and told the cameraman to click her photos. She spotted an old picture in the studio of someone’s childhood and took a photo of that canvas.

Swaragini 10th march episode

When Annapurna and Sujata were worried for Swara, they doubt that Kavya has crossed her all limits and tried to kill her. Sanskar tries to make Laksh understand that Kavya is behind all this. He shouted at him for helping a culprit. On the counterpart, Laksh objects and tells that Kavya never lies. Annapurna remains hurt thoroughly, after all, this.

After everyone was outside, Kavya came back and told Swara that the plan was for her only, she was must be wondering the reason for planning all this conspiracy. She continues that she will burn all the relations here.


Durga Prasad advised Sanskar to call for the medical help. Sujata cooks kada for her, and everyone jointly makes her drink the same from Annapurna hands, she also promised her to give chocolates. When Sanskar was leaving the room, Swara calls his name, and he starts blushing. Swara tried to convey the Kavya’s talk to Sanskar, but he advised her not to talk and have some rest now.

Swaragini 10th march episode

Ragini calls Sanskar and informs him about the photographer.Meanwhile, Kavya and Laksh gives an interview to media where Laksh tells the media persons about their first meeting.

Ragini, when was outside the house, shows the photo to Sanskar. Swara and Sanskar asks Laksh to bring first aid box for Ragini, but he walks like anything ignoring their comments.

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