Arrow Season 4 Episode 12 Review: Unchained and Reunited

Arrow Season 5 Premiere/Air/Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions, Synopsis, Villain, Cast
Arrow Season 5 Premiere/Air/Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions, Synopsis, Villain, Cast

Arrow Season 4 Episode 12 Review: This week’s installment of Arrow was titled “Unchained”. Directed by Kevin Fair, this episode was rather more like an episode full of moments than being a good episode with a gripping story. The episode was all about comebacks and reunions and was seemingly written to create momentum for upcoming events. (watch: Arrow S4E13.)

First of all, Roy is back. We last saw him leaving Star City with a new identity in season 3. He is back, not just physically but also to his criminal ways. Arrow and Speedy were in pursuit of a burglar who, later turns out to be Roy. It is during this chase when Thea faints due to unknown reasons. Oliver lets go of the burglar while trying to save Thea from getting hurt.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 12 Review

Malcolm reveals to Oliver that Thea is dying because she hasn’t killed anyone in a long time and the bloodlust is reverting in the form of imminent death of the host, i.e., Thea. Thea tells Oliver that Damian Daarhk may have a solution to her problem. Oliver plans to meet Daarhk to strike him a deal in exchange for Thea’s treatment.  As the Green Arrow, he sets up a meeting with him through Daarhk’s wife who has unexpectedly, nominated herself in the race for the election for Star City’s new mayor.

Arrow catches Roy while he was trying to steal some high-end tech from Palmer Tech’s office. Roy is captured but he succeeds in delivering the stolen tech with the help of a drone. It turns out he was blackmailed into burgling by some evil hacker who fit some kind of camera on Roy’s eye to monitor him; thus rendering him unable to seek help from Team Arrow. But he is freed from it.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 12 Review

Meanwhile, Nyssa breaks out of Malcolm’s captivity at Nanda Parbat with the help of some unknown accomplice. She is ready to take over Nanda Parbat, which she thinks, is rightfully hers. She travels to Japan with her accomplice in order to procure “Lotus”, an elixir capable of counteracting the effects of Lazarus Pit where she encounters Katana, the protector of the Lotus. They get into a fight which ends up being tied. Nyssa convinces Katana to give her the elixir because the matter concerns Oliver Queen, which Katana agrees to.

Curtis also reappeared in this episode and helps Felicity get back into the groove. It was interesting to see her with her quirky ways again. The biggest reunion among all these was the one where Felicity meets her father. Her father is secretly a ruthless hacker called the Calculator who is threatening to destroy Star City. He was stopped from executing his plan by Team Arrow, for the time being.

There is also a big revelation at the end of the episode, which I would not disclose in order for you to see it in the episode itself. All over, this was a strong episode which could have been better if the story was focused more than the moments featured.

Arrow S4E12 review

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