Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Trailer/Promo: Sins Of The Father preview


Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Trailer: We all saw how the events in this week’s episode of Arrow turned out. Roy comes back to Star City under the influence of the Calculator, a ruthless hacker with a plan to destroy Star City and he makes Roy steal some high end tech from the front running tech companies of Star City. Luckily, Roy is rescued by Team Arrow. (watch: Arrow S4E12.)

But apparently, Team Arrow can never stop to catch a breath, so we come to know that Thea is dying due to her ignorance of the bloodlust she got from the Lazarus Pit. Oliver plans to strike a deal with Damian Daarhk in order to save Thea but restrains himself from doing so on Malcolm’s advice. In the end of the episode, we get a major cliffhanger as Nyssa proposes to cure Thea if Oliver kills Malcolm and this is what this episode is all about.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Trailer

Directed by Gordon Verheul, episode 13 is very aptly titled “Sins of the Father” as Nyssa wants Malcolm- the “usurper” to die so that she can take control of the League of Shadows. But there may be more to it, since they have not yet put the Calculator out of the equation.

In the last episode, it was revealed that the Calculator is Felicity’s father and she does not know about her secret identity. Neither does the Calculator know that Felicity is his foe. So, we could expect some progress on this front.


I expect the story to be focused on the track of Oliver coming to blows with Malcolm. We know for sure that Malcolm loves his daughter very much. But, does he love her enough to let Oliver kill him so that Thea can receive a cure from Nyssa?

Arrow S4E13 Trailer

We saw in the promo that Oliver is struggling to make a choice between Thea, his sister for whom he was ready to give up himself and Malcolm, who has helped him at every junction has recently started sharing a bond with Oliver. Sarah has a heart to talk with Nyssa but whether Nyssa would listen to her or not, it’s still unclear.

We don’t what how the events would turn out in the next episode after so many of the characters earlier seen in the series returned to the screen. We see Oliver and Malcolm going head to head against each other. What if the fight was not real at all; maybe they hatched a plan to save Thea without all the blood splatter? Or is Oliver really ready to kill in order to save his sister? We also don’t know about Katana’s involvement in the next episode.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Trailer – Sins of the Father

Guess we’ll have to find out next week. Keep looking at this section for more information.

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