Speedunnodu Movie Review Rating: Story, Public Talk, Collections

Speedunnodu Movie Review Rating
Speedunnodu Movie Review Rating

Speedunnodu Movie Review Rating: The latest Telugu film starring Srinivas and Bhadoria has been released. So, checkout the review before going to watch the flick in actual. (see: Ghayal Once Again rating.)


Speedunnodu is the story of Shoban (Sreenivas Bellamkonda) who is a fun going guy without responsibilities. He always prefers friends and values them a lot. A couple of his friends fall in love with Vasanthi (Sonarika Bhadoria) who gets impressed by the acts of Shoban. An unexpected incident changes everyone’s life after which Vasanthi’s father (Rao Ramesh) hates Shoban. The rest of the movie is how he comes out of all the issues and wins his love. Watch the film to know about the complete story.

Speedunnodu Movie Review


The first half of the movie has been completely decent with enough doses of entertainment and commercial elements. The action episodes have been shown well and the entertainment is the major highlight of the film. The emotional episodes have been decent and the movie runs on a decent pace throughout the first half. Sreenivas impressed everyone with his all round performance. On the whole the complete first half has been decent.

The second half of Speedunnodu too maintained the same pace. The entertainment has been decent and the emotional content has been carried well. The songs have been shot extremely well and the action episodes have been good. The climax has been powerful and Sreenivas performed to the peaks. On the whole the second half of Speedunnodu has nothing bad to reveal except some flaws.


Speedunnodu Movie Review Rating


Bellamkonda Sreenivas is sure the major highlight of the film. He carried the entire film on his shoulders. He has come out with an excellent performance throughout the film and he has been matured enough. Sonarika Bhadoria is the other highlight of the film and she has been sizzling throughout. She even impressed with her performance all over. Prakashraj and Rao Ramesh have been the back bones of the film. Sreenivas Reddy, Posani, Prudhvi, Shakalaka Shankar and Satya have taken care of the entertainment throughout. All the other actors have been good.

The story of Speedunnodu has been strong and emotional enough. The screenplay and the dialogues have been written well. The cinematography has been stupendous and the music, background score have been apt. the editing in the second half should have been good. The production values elevated the film well and the director has been successful in coming out with a decent commercial entertainer.

Speedunnodu Review Rating


  • Sreenivas and Sonarika
  • Entertainment
  • Songs
  • Music and Cinematography
  • Direction


  • Predictable Plot
  • Slow Narration

Speedunnodu Rating


Final Word:

Speedunnodu is a decent commercial entertainer that can be watched once for the stupendous performances by the lead actors.

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