Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Review

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Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Review: “Sins of the Father” was this week’s episode’s title. Quite apt, I’d say, but whose father? This episode was completely stacked with a number of fathers and their sins. Our very own Ra’s Al Ghul (who died in the last season), Malcolm Merlin and even Oliver for that matter, were the sinful fathers featured in this episode. Shot under the direction of Gordon Verheul, this episode was a hit among viewers with some of them a bit disappointed by the way this episode ended. (see: Arrow all episodes.)

In the end of the last episode, Nyssa offers Oliver the cure for Thea’s condition in exchange for Malcolm’s life. The episode continues from the same page. Oliver tells everyone in the team about her offer. He asks Laurel to talk to Nyssa to find a way around all the bloodshed while he meets Malcolm to convince him to do the same. Laurel asks Nyssa if she is ready to give up the cure if Malcolm willingly steps down from the position of Ra’s Al Ghul. Nyssa readily agrees to the deal and simultaneously predicts Malcolm’s unwillingness to do part with the power.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Review

Meanwhile, in his meeting with Oliver, Malcolm expresses his doubt on the cure and the convoluted conditions under which it was procured. Oliver cajoles him into let the cure be tried on Thea to validate the Lotus’s power to nullify Lazarus Pit’s effects. The Lotus is found to be true to its powers, Malcolm is now desperate to get it for saving his daughter’s life. At the meeting where he was supposed to give Nyssa the ring, he attacks her all the while expressing his unwillingness to stand down from the position of Ra’s Al Ghul. Nyssa escapes with Oliver’s intervention.

As all of this happening, Felicity was busy reuniting with her father who has found out that she is Overwatch, his very own nemesis who almost defeated him in his pursuit. She tries to walk away but he tells her that he too, works for good causes. All his actions in the recent past were just to put a better motive into motion. Felicity wants to believe him but her mother doesn’t agree with her intentions, saying that people never change. Felicity experiences a tough time deciding what to do.

Arrow Season 4 Episode 13 Review

The city is rife with violence due to war between Malcolm and Nyssa’s subordinates and to stop it for and for all, Oliver suggests a trial by combat.

Now, I leave the ending for you to watch. Come back later to watch the promo video for next week’s episode.

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