Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015 Colors TV: Nimboli and Disa make successful escape


Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015 Episode on Colors TV: Balika Vadhu is Indian Television Daily soap which is telecasted on Colors TV Monday to Friday

Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015

Info: Serial Name: Balika Vadhu, Rating: Family (U/A), Lead Roles: Nimboli and Akhiraj, Channel: Colors TV

The Episode of Balika Vadhu (Kachi Umar ke Pake Rishte) starts with Akhiraj Singh  escaping away from the Police constable’s grasp. Inspector informs Jagya who is the MLA of the town that Akhiraj Singh has fled. Jagya asks the people not to get tensed and tries to calm the crowd.

While traveling in the bus, Disa asks Nimboli why she threw the stone on the Inspector. Nimboli says police are culprit and they deserves that. Disa says every Policeman is not bad and reminds her of Akhiraj Singh’s doings. Nimboli apologizes to Disa for her wrongdoing.

Disa prays to the God not let Akhiraj Singh know about them and make them reach home quickly. Akhiraj Singh  is seen hiding in the grass truck which was passing through the bus.

Anandi was working in her office and the Anant comes to Anandi and says one day you told about darkest side in your life. He reminds her about Dr. Jagya and his family are good. He says they people of Badi haveli  respect you and it shows that you have an amazing relation with them.

Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015

He apologizes to her if she felt bad of her statement. Anandi says it is okay and leave stunned. She says she left thinking about the past and says she was brought up in badi haveli like a daughter. It was more like a mayka than her sasural. She says she couldn’t understand marriage as she was a child. She says she has a good relation with them.

Meanwhile, Disa and Nimboli reach home. Nimboli says she will go inside with the window through the pipe and helps her get in. She climbs on the pipe with much difficulty and reaches her room’s window after facing problems. While she was on the pipe and about to reach her room, She hears someone coming and tries to get down, but then sees Kundan washing his hand with the tap water. She prays to God to save her.

Balika Vadhu Part 2 Starts here

Disa gets inside the house. Kamli and Nimboli ask about the chunari. Disa throws it and tells something wrong happened in Sanjodi. Harki comes holding the dupatta which Disa threw outside. She asks whose chunari it is and how it comes outside. Disa says don’t know. Harki asks why did you came late from the temple.

Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015

Disa says she met Kusum’s chachi. Harki says she is not in Jhalra and went to Jaipur to meet her sibling. Disa says she came in the morning. Harki enquired about Nimboli and Disa gets tensed. Nimboli is still hanging holding the pipe while Kundan was washing his face. Kundan goes after washing his face. Disa tells I went alone to the temple. Urmila tells Nimboli might be in her room and sleeping. Harki goes to wake her up. Disa asks Urmila to stop Harki as Nimboli will enter the room through the window. Urmila stops Harki and asks what to make in food for lunch. Harki turns and sees Nimboli sleeping with the blanket on her. She asks how did she come here? Urmila says she is sleeping here since long.

Harki asks Urmila to go and wakes up Nimboli. Nimboli asks her to let her sleep and says she is not feeling well. Harki says you were not in the room before. Nimboli says she was cleaning cow’s area and then issue to rest. Harki asks her to come and work in the kitchen.

Disa tells Kamli that Jagya believed on her and couldn’t believe that Akhiraj is a devil. She says Akhiraj was exposed and was dragged and beaten by the public. Kamli says Bapusaa got freed because of Nimboli. Disa says he will be caught very soon and Jagya will get him punished. Kundan hears everything and is shocked.

The story of Balika Vadhu continues thereof .

Precap of Balika Vadhu 22nd September 2015:

Akhiraj says Disa called and told Jagya. Kundan says Disa went to Sanjodi with Nimboli and met Jagya on the way. Akhiraj gets angry and goes to Disa’s room with his sword. He attacks her with the sword. Kamli gets shocked.

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