Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd September 2015 S2E14: Fab5 Members Make Nandini Happy

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd September 2015: The last KY2 episode revealed many things like the old man was Maddy’s grandfather; Maddy took it personal even when Nandini involved Ustaad Ji; Dhruv and Alya cleared things from past; and Maddy harassed Nandini mentally, etc.

Today’s episode started with Mukti talking to Aaliya about the recent bad behaviour of Nandini. She said that she behaved odd and didn’t apologize. But as they were about to leave, they got to know that she is not at home. At the next moment, they called Aryaman and told him. Moreover, they all searched for her and reached Space Institute while searching for her. They saw Madhiam leaving in his car as they reached.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd September 2015

Dhruv queried about Madhiam’s presence there and then searched for Nandini and found out her in one of the locked rooms. They all queried her regarding what had happened and who did this. But Nandini walked away without answering. Seeing this, Mukti got frustrated and asked the remaining friends that for how long it will be the same situation. Dhruv replied that until they say sorry to her and told them that he has a plan.

Dhruv came across a guy who was trying to start his motorcycle but couldn’t. Dhruv checked and helped him in getting started the bike. The biker thanked him and left happily.

In another frame, Naviya was shown talking to a guest regarding his film and release date. The guest replied that it will be released on 25th September. She wished him the best and urged everyone watching to watch the film. While leaving, the manager called called her and asked about coffee.

In the next shot, Nandini was seen sitting in the room and somebody threw a letter inside. She opened, read, and threw it. Then, came another one. To this, she got angry and as she just walked out of the room, she saw all the fab 5 members singing a lovely song for her. She got cheered up and happy at the end of the day.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd September 2015

Thereafter, she went to the music room where she mentioned Manik and Fab5 which angered Mukti. In anger, she said a lot of bad things to her. She expressed her willingness to become the president to get to know what happened that night with Manik and Kabir. They know only a little that it was a bomb blast. Afterwards, she left and everyone felt that she was right and have to help her so that she would win the elections.

Rishab and Nandini’s uncle reached somewhere via auto-rickshaw. Then, uncle asked Rishab to get some papers photocopied but he left for somewhere and uncle couldn’t find him.

Nandini tried to blow lantern but didn’t find any match box. Then, Aryaman came and torches a lighter. She became happy seeing him and let him help her.

Dhruv and Aaliya went to a restaurant where he asked her to shoot his video while he dance. She did so and later on uploaded the video on YouTube.

Madhiam saw Rishab sitting on a shop and took him unwillingly with him. Meanwhile, the uncle called Nandini to inform the Rishab got lost.

Maddy and Aryaman were seen engaged in a verbal fight while later on turned into physical. Meanwhile, Aryaman’s phone got out of his pocket onto the ground. Mukti picked up and messaged to Nandini.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 22nd September 2015 episode ended. Don’t forget to share.

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