Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015 Wednesday Episode Colors TV: Revolves Around Akhiraj

Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015: This new episode of Balika Vadhu begins with Akhiraj sneaking into the house. Harki assumes that a burglar is in the house and tries to hit him with a rod, but Akhiraj reveals himself before she hits. He then asks her to shut the door. Harki does as said and demands an explanation. Akhiraj says that Jagya is responsible for his current condition.

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He then tries to choke Harki by choking her neck and asks who told Jagya about him. Harki panics and says she doesn’t know. Akhiraj lets loose of Harki and thinks of the one who is behind this. He then remembers Disa saying that she would be calling harki, but Akhiraj asked Harki, she revealed that she didn’t talk to Disa. Akhiraj comes to a conclusion where he thinks Disa is the one behind this.

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Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015

Kundan joins and says that Disa has gone to Sanjodi to talk to Jagya and also he overheard their conversation with Kamli. Kundan says Disa is the real culprit. Akhiraj rages in ager and decides to kill Disa for doing this. He picks up his sword and rushes to Disa. On the other hand, Disa who was actually talking to Kamli about Jagya and watches Akhiraj holding a sword rushing towards her. Kamli puts a break by falling on his feet and requests Akhiraj not to kill her.

Akhiraj rages with fury and decides to make Disa realize what will happen if anyone backstabbing him. Disa says that she is proud of her doings as she only did to protect her village women. Akhiraj pushes away Kamli and holds Disa to stab her, just the Nimboli pleads him, but he says he will just kill all who come in his way. Kundan asks MLA Jagya to kill him. When Akhiraj is about to stab her, Jagya shoots Akhiraj on his hand.

Balika Vadhu 23rd September 2015

Jagya says to Akhiraj that he has done one more crime for these actions and orders police to take him away. Harki pleads the Police to release her husband. Disa triumphs and Akhiraj says that he would have killed her long back if not Devi made her appearance by requesting to leave her. Disa also says that Devi used to come for help to protect herself and also Nimboli and Kamli from him.

Akhiraj shell shocked with Disa’s words. Jagya commands the Police to put this guilty man behind bars. Jagya also asks Disa to give a statement about the incident in the Police station. Kundan too picks up the sword to pin down  Disa, Nimboli, and also Kamli. Harki stops him and says lets just put her death on hold for a while. She asks him for his word. Kundan doesn’t listen and ends up getting a slap from Harki. She ends the episode by saying Kundan to wait or you will end up in the jail.

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