Panel of EU leaders discusses refugee crisis

Panel of leaders from European Union [EU] gathered at Brussels for an informal discussion on possible ways to tackle the refugee crisis. The discussions on overall policy to deal with the Refugee Crisis were made and credible European migration policy needs to be highlighted during the discussion.

“Today, our debate must be based on facts, not illusions and emotions, We must end this cycle of mutual misunderstandings” Donald Tusk the , President of the European Council said, highlighting the importance to strengthen the external border control noting that there were eight million displaced people within Syria, while about four million have fled from Syria’s to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

He also agrees upon the condition of countries who are giving shelter to the Migrants he said “Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey & other countries in the region need more help, as do the EU frontline countries” Understanding the level of the crisis he quoted that We are talking about millions of potential refugees trying to reach Europe, not thousands.

Assuring the panel about the awareness of Union towards the crisis going on he said

These measures will not end the crisis, I am fully aware of this, but they are all necessary steps in the right direction. Today, we must prepare a concrete plan, which must finally appear in place of the arguments and the chaos we have witnessed in the last weeks. This plan must be our common plan. Nobody will be outvoted. Thank you.

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