Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2015 Wednesday Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2015: The episode commences with Tiwari and Anita where Tiwari gifts Anita a flower vase and she says, so sweet of you, to which he responds saying not prettier than you. Ankita blushes by replying thank you and says that she will place it in the bedroom and he says, no lets keep it near the staircase. Anguri enters and sees and says, wow what a beautiful pot.

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Vibhuti rushes down saying bhabhi ji and unknowingly she breaks the vase, Tiwari says what did u do, Vibhu responds to him saying I am very sorry, Tiwari says that he has brought that for Bhabhi ji and you just broke it. To which Vibhu says, don’t make a scene it’s just a vase. Tiwari says you don’t understand feelings and Vibhu says, common don’t talk to me about feelings. Anguri says just forget it, ladu ke bhaiya, Tiwari angrily says that the vase was 300 and then Vibhu says that she will return the money.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2015

But then Tiwari says I don’t want cash from bhabhi ji’s earnings. If the money is yours then give or else wash your face in dirty dump. Vibhuti feels low and leaves, asks Bhabhi ji “Did I do the correct thing?”. To which Anita says no you are wrong, Anguri says you shouldn’t have done that, Anita also says it was just a vase, Anguri responds by saying, yes people are important and not money, Anita also says yes you should learn to respect mothers and Anguri also says that she doesn’t want to talk to him and both of them leave.

On the other hand, Vibhuti goes to a tea stall and calls her friend Prem and aks for a loan of Rs 300, to which Prem says what about the the balance 1 lakh rupees. Prem asks her to pay the balance first and then we will think about the new loan and hangs up the phone.  Saxena arrives at the scene and asks Vibhu, you look tensed, do you need any help. Vibhuti says she wants some money of about Rs 300, tow which Siena says I can’t give you money. Vibhu slaps him and leaves the place.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2015

Happu Singh joins Vibhu now and asks her how is she, and she responds I am good and also asks about him too. Vibhu then tries to to get some cash from Happu by saying imagine Happu, what if you die in a truck accident, what will happen to your kids and wife. Happu says, stop talking about bad things. No just imagine, you gotta take a look at our plicy which might even help your family even you die suddenly. Happu says, I don’t even have money for petrol and you are talking about policies and leaves.


Amaji gets a call from Anguri in which she says to Amaji that she isn’t good as Ladu Ke Bhaiya insulted Vibhu for breaking a vase. Amaji too says that Tiwari has done a mistake and let’s teach a lesson and discusses a few ideas with her and hangs up the phone.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2015

Vibhuti is now pulling loads, Tiwari sees her along with Anguri. Tiwari asks her why are you doing this, Vibhu ignores him and asks Tika who was paaing by for some water.  Tika too asks what are you doing, to which she responds saying, I am a worker now, please give me some water.

Tika gives her water. Vibhuti says thank you, Anguri too asks what are you doing? Vibhu responds by saying, you all are rich people and you will understand the pain of a worker. Anguri calls Anita and Anita asks what is this Vibhu, Vibhu responds by saying, madam I am a small worker, Anita says, forget it Vibhu, just come home. Vibhu says sorry madam. Anita says that Vibhu i know that you are hurt but please come home. Vibhu says sorry once again and leaves. Anita gazes at Tiwari and says this is all because of you. Anguri too scolds Tiwari and leaves.

The other worker asks Vibhu what are you doing and asks her to stop this drama. Vibhu was actually empty boxes and she bribes the other work to shut his mouth.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2015 ends. Stay tuned with us for the latest news and updates.

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