Big Brother 17 Finale (Episode 40) Live Streaming Info: Who Become BB17 Winner?

Big Brother 17 Finale (Episode 40) Live Streaming BB17 Winner: The final episode of one of the most watched TV series will air on Wednesday night on CBS Network. Whosoever out of Steve Moses, Vanessa Roussoor Liz Nolan, will be chosen as the winner of BB17 will be awarded a cash prize of $500,000.

The facility to watch Big Brother season 17 episode 40 airs at 9:30 pm ET, and offers a live stream of BB17 episodes (in select markets), plus exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from inside the house. Below is the link to get the video to watch it.

Last week on Big Brother 2015, Austin Matelson and John McGuire became the latest members of the Season 17 jury. Austin was evicted following a shocking blindside from Head of Household Vanessa. She had previously aimed to send home John, but after he won the Power of Veto, Vanessa put Austin on the block in his place. And when the vote came down to a tie, Vanessa broke it by sending her longtime ally home.

Big Brother 17 Finale (Episode 40) Live Streaming

“Vanessa completely betrayed me,” Austin said after his BB17 elimination. “I knew it was a possibility because it’s Big Brother, but her whole game was about playing with integrity and not betraying me since we made a final two deal on the second day. She swore to me on her family, her girlfriend, the LGBT community and the Bible and she’ll have to deal with those consequences of making those pledges and going back on it.”

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Watch Austin’s eviction from Big Brother 17.

But it was a short reprieve for John, who was eliminated from Big Brother 17 the following night. HoH Steve nominated John and Vanessa for elimination. Vanessa then won the Veto, giving her the power to decide who to evict. And while Vanessa had made Final Two deals with both Liz and John, she (correctly) felt she couldn’t trust the dentist.

So what will happen in the finale of Big Brother 2015? Episode 40 of Season 17 will begin with the final Head of Household competition. The winner of the three-part contest will decide who to send home.

Watch the start of the final HoH competition before the Big Brother 17 finale.

Big Brother 17 Finale (Episode 40) Live Streaming

But no matter who makes the BB17 Final Two, the Jury will have a tough decision to make in the finale. All three finalists can easily argue that they deserve the $500,000. Vanessa has dominated strategically and done well in competitions. But Austin is so upset at Vanessa’s betrayal that he may bitterly convince his fellow Jury members to vote against her. Steve and Liz, meanwhile, may not have been as manipulative as Vanessa was, but they each won competitions and played solid social games.

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“Vanessa has the best chance [to win] and certainly played the hardest,” host Julie Chen saidbefore Episode 40 of Big Brother 2015. “But Steve played his own game in a way we’ve never seen before. If they are the final two, it’s hard to say how the jury will vote. Emotionally? Or logically? Perhaps both and it could come down to Liz being the swing vote. That is, if Liz doesn’t make it herself to the final two…which she could if she wins the final HOH. “

This is all about Big Brother 17 Finale (Episode 40) Live Streaming – BB17 winner.

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  1. Made my day to see Steve evict her!! She was an excellent gamer but just something I didn’t like about her!! Like Jason said at the finale she should have owned it, instead of crying in the DR all the time!!

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