Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015 Friday Full Episode | Colors TV : Jagya finds Nimboli


Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015 Episode: BV is Indian Television series which telecasts on Colors TV. In the Friday episode, Jagya successfully finds Nimboli and learn that Nimboli is none order than Anandi’s missing daughter.

Recap: Baalika Vadhu 24th September Episode

Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015

Balika Vadhu 27th September Full Episode

The Friday’s episode of Balika Vadhu started when Jagya was going to drop Disa at her house. Jagya asks Disa whether the parents of Nimboli knows about the fact that Kundan has molested their daughter. Jagya questions why they are still silent even after knowing this, Disa explains the parents of Nimboli doesn’t know anything about this scene. She even exposes the truth they don’t even know about the parents of Nimboli, and thus we can’t blame them. Disa tells Jagiya that when Akhiraj was getting his son married earlier a women came and stopped the marriage of Kundan, Akhiraj couldn’t take this and kidnapped her 3 months old daughter and get her married with Akhiraj at an early age. Jagya goes in complete shocked when he come to know about this fact. Jagya recalls the kidnap of Nandini and attached two stories.

Disa continues her part and tells that Akhiraj was very angry when he bought Nimboli his home, And he was planning to kill the 3-months-old girl. But Someone has advised Akhiraj to use Nimboli as a medium to get Kundan free from Dosh. And Akhiraj gets her married with Kundan. Jagya asks whether she have any stuff relating to Nimboli. Disa says yes and Jagiya asks her to show that.

Nidhi said ‘I will help you in Studies, Shivam. Anant says she will do as she is his sister. Disa shows the cloth of childhood of Nimboli to Jagiya and tells about the necklace of Nandini. Jagiya asks her to show the necklace. She shows a chain pendant with a picture of Anandi and Shiv into it. Jagiya was completely shocked. Jagiya starts crying and got too much emotional. Disa looked at the pendant and says ‘Anandi’. Jagiya tells Disa that Nimboli is Nandini and she is the daughter of Anandi. Disa leaves stunned

Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015

Jagya smiles and says her that he couldn’t express his happiness in words. Jagya tells Disa that he will inform about this to Anandi and she will be happy more than anything. Jagya decided to stay in Jhalra till Anandi arrives. Jagya thanks, Disa, Disa was completely shocked that she could not believe what is happening. Shivam express gratitude to Nandini for helping him in the project. Jagya calls Anandi and says to come to Jhalra and leave all the work, Anandi shocked that whether everything is fine there or not. Jagya asks her to come at least once and it’s the best surprise for her. Anandi thinks he has some news of Nandini and Jagya tells her yes. She looked completely stunned after knowing this Anand takes the call and Jagya tells him to bring Anandi to Jhalra as soon as he can. Anand says he will leave in 5 mins.


Disa¬†wakes up Nimboli, but Kamli intervenes to let her complete her sleep. Disa took Nimboli with her. Anandi starts crying and tells Shivam that Jagya has found my Nandini, Shivam says that he doesn’t understand. Anandi tells that Jagya have successfully traced your sister. Shivam was quite surprised. Shivam asks to accompany her. Anandi tell him to stay there and leave with Anant for Jhalra, Disa took Nimboli to her room closes the door and hugged tightly Nimboli. Disa started crying. Disa says her that no one can snatch her daughter from her. Disa starts praying to Devi maa to not to leave her lap empty as she couldn’t bear this pain. Anandi was in the car when she recalls her conversation with Shiv. She started blushing. Disa packed the stuff of Nimboli and Anandi was recalling the birth of Nandini.

Balika Vadhu 25th September 2015

Anant was driving the car when Anandi was crying, he inquired whether she is all ok. Anandi tells him that my daughter was with that man since 12 years, Anandi tells him everything about their past life. Anant looks stunned. Anandi explains how that man made her 3-months-old daughter married with that boy. And I will finally meet my Nandini today. Disa wakes up Nandini and asks her to get ready. Disa asks her to follow her silently. Anandi comes and Jagya opened the door. Anandi keeps shouting ‘ Nandini, Nandini, Nandini’ Jagya shows her clothes and pendant. Anandi goes emotional after that.

Precap of Balika Vadhu Sunday Special:

Balika Vadhu special Episode is going to telecast this Sunday, Anandi is going to meet her daughter and Anandi will discover that Nimboli is Nandini and when Disa tells Nimboli that Anandi is her Maasaa she got shocked and doll in her hand falls.

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