Swaragini 25th September 2015 Colors TV: Swara and Ragini Decided to Keep their Fight personal

Swaragini 25th September 2015In yesterday’s episode, it was confirmed that Sanskar was innocent and Ragini lied. Moreover, it was revealed that the girl hiding in the box was the ex-girlfriend of Adarsh. It left off at that time.

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Today’s episode started with Adarsh giving an explanation for hiding her. He said that he got really tensed due to the noise, thus took that action. The woman asked for money and threatened to show the pics of their intimate scenes. Durga Prasad reacted and said that threatening is a crime. She replied that if they didn’t agree with her, then she will publish those photos in the media.

Swaragini 25th September 2015

Swara asked that woman to not to misbehave with him and added that even though Adarsh has done bad, but still they will support him in the tough time. The lady again threatened Adarsh saying that she has enough proof to send him in prison and showed the chain. Durga Prasad replied to her that by now she might have understood and his son will answer him. Then, he warned her to not to show herself again in the future to any of them. After the woman left, Adarsh apologized to his father.

Interrupting them, Parineeta said that she had a feeling that Swara lied, but then she said to Adarsh that he had betrayed her and will not forgive for it. Durga Prasad felt bad for the unethical actions of his son. Adarsh, then, apologized to Dadi and she said that she will not let this news go out of their house. Then, Durga Prasad asked her mother to inform Shekhar that Sanskar is not guilty rather innocent.

Swaragini 25th September 2015

Durga Prasad felt very low on Adarsh’s actions. He said that my eldest son has proved all my values, ego, upbringing wrong, and felt insulted. Further, he said that God don’t let even his enemy to witness such a day. He said that everyone in his family has hurt him and then, praised Swara for fulfilling her duty towards the family. He, further, said that Swara has carried out her duty as a daughter-in-law that day and proved that relations are not meant only by words and blood. He blessed her and on the other hand, Ragini got upset. Swara asked Durga Prasad not to apologize.

Sanskar tried to talk to Swara. After many tries, she finally spoke to him that what does he want and added that she don’t want to talk. But, Sanskar wanted to thank her and added that her doing affected him. Swara replied that those things shouldn’t have affected him.

Swaragini 25th September 2015

Sanskar told her to answer him and blocked her way. He, then, asked her the reason for behaving oddly to him. Swara said that he betrayed him as she thought of him as a friend only. He replied that he really love her. She said that he became the best friend of her but then broke that friendship and snatched the friend. She emphasized to work on their mission and added that there will not be any kind of relation between them from now onwards and when their mission gets accomplished, then both of them will leave on their own and separate ways. Sanskar agreed to her and said that he won’t apologize for loving her as it was the best moment of his life. Then, he left. Swara went in her room and found Ragini standing there. Sanskar stared at them.

Ragini said to Swara that she saved Sanskar very clearly. Further, she asked that if he thanked her or not. Swara replied that he did and told Ragini that she should also thank her and added that she could have been exposed in just two more minutes. Swara said that she didn’t expose her so as not to hurt the feelings of the family anymore. Swara said to Ragini that how could she be stoop so low being her sister? She, further, asked Ragini that how she thought to play with the feelings of the family by trapping Sanskar.

Swaragini 25th September 2015

But, Ragini cut her and said to Swara that why always she tell that she don’t care for Sanskar, but in reality, she care so much of him. Swara replied that she always support truth. Ragini asked Swara to start having feeling and love for him and added that at least he love her and might accept her. Sanskar agitated and became angry. Swara replied that she got surprised on seeing Ragini’s new avatar. Ragini said that she love Laksh very much and understood that Swara will not back-off so easily.

Ragini said that she will also not back-off and warned Swara that if she continued on her path, then she will not let Maa and Baba to get together and unite. Then, Swara replied that she can ruin Ragini’s life and will not care for anything if Ragini held her hands on the relationship of Maa and Baba. Swara asked Ragini to remain inside the limits and asked her to keep their fight personal and only in between them and walked away. Sanskar told Ragini to put balm on her wounds. Raini said that their fight will be between them only, but will take Swara and Sanskar’s fake relation to its end.


Laksh was seen telling that he has to leave for a meeting and thus can’t attend the prayers /puja. He suggested Sanskar’s name to be a part of it as he is a married person too. But, Sanskar replied that he has also prefixed a meeting to attend. Laksh said to his face that he lies else his fake marriage truth will become naked. Laksh, further, suggested them to re-marry ahead of pooja and said that Swara and Sanskar’s marriage was not done properly and it will be done with full traditions and customs before puja. Ragini appeared and asked them to do the same. Then, she asked Annapurna to arrange marriage for her sister as per the rituals. Annapurna agreed and declared their marriage to conducted before the puja. Sanskar shocked.

Swaragini 25th September 2015 episode ended. Stay tuned with us for latest news and updates regarding the TV world.

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