Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2015 Friday Full Episode | Zee TV : Abhi teases Pragya


Kumkum Bhagya Sept. 25, 2015: It is Indian Television Serial which airs on Zee TV and one of the most viewed television programs in India.

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2015

Recap of Kumkum Bhagya : 24th September Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September Monday Full Episode

Mamaji has completed his makeover as the producer, Bulbul brings him in front of everyone. Pragya and Dadi say they are not able to recognise Mamaji in this get over, Mamaji added that he has become Mangal Singh in this makeover. Bulbul asks Pragya to call Aaliya for the meet. Pragya calls Aaliya and tells her to come to the New Era hotel, But the boss will come and make the deal with Aaliya. Aaliya lies that she can’t come there because many people know her. Pragya says she has convinced her boss with difficulty and cannot afford to miss the meet. Aaliya says let’s have the meeting near my house in the evening, both agrees to meet at 8:30 PM Bulbul, Pragya and Dadi starting the celebration of their success.

Aaliya tells Dadi that she has cooked some delicious food, Abhi also says the food is good. Aaliya asks Pragya to join them for the food. Abhi irritates her by saying’ If she will eat the food, she will stop drinking our blood’. Ronnie serves food to Pragya on the order of Aaliya. Everyone loved the food and give Aaliya padding. Abhi starts mimicking like he has a cold when Taiji asks Dadi to search a husband for Aaliya. Pragya gets up. Dadi followed and ask what happened to her. Abhi tells that due to my cough someone is looking bad fell on me.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2015 : Pragya in Saree

Payal starts crying and hugs Ronnie. Ronnie thinks isn’t he is seeing a dream. Payal blames herself and says she thinks that she has done a mistake by doing the job here. She got emotional and tells Ronnie about her responsibilities and to get her mom treated. Ronnie says that he will give money to Payal.  Payal denies and says how can she take the money from Ronnie, but Ronnie insists on giving her 1000 rupees but Payal says she wants 5000 rs more and then Ronnie gives her more 5000 rs, Payal asks how will Ronnie manage without money. Ronnie then reveals the secret the money is of Abhi. Payal returns him 10 rs and says to drink the tea. Ronnie looked stunned.

Abhi enters and Payal gives her the money, Abhi says it’s nice he got more money. Ronnie goes to the Pragya and explains that Payal has looted him. Abhi and Pragya start fighting. Pragya says there is nothing new in this, and he is a mad and whoever works for free is mad. Pragya gives him warning to cut the pocket money and using him in the court. Abhi says that she is going to leave this house. They keep arguing. Ronnie tells Payal that he is with her.


Kumkum Bhagya – After Interval

Mamaji is in the Washroom and Bulbul arrived and asks Mamaji to come out, Mamaji replied that he is suffering from stomach pain. Bulbul tells Dadiji about it, They got tensed because all were needed to leave in few hours for the meeting. Dadi says Bulbul should sit down and reply to the Purab’s call. She tells she is busy now to Purab. Purab asks where she is, Bulbul replied him that she is busy right now and will call him later on and disconnects the call. Purab then thinks of calling Abhi and called him.

Abhi says we should have a get together and party. Abhi says that he has arranged money from Pragya and ask Purab to come. Purab again calls Bulbul to let her know that he is going out for the party tonight and she should not disturb him. Bulbul says ok and then disconnected the call. Pragya sees Dadi and Bulbul and thinks they are waiting for her, Abhi comes from washroom and Pragya asks why she didn’t hear any noise. Abhi says that he is going out for the party. Pragya tells good as she too has some urgent work.  Abhi dialogues that he is Superstar, rockstar Abhi, and asks her to do Yoga. Abhi sprays something on her and tells her to enjoy as he is going. Pragya also thinks that it’s good now we can easily work on our plan.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2015

Abhi spotted Aaliya is in the hurry to go somewhere, Aaliya tells Abhi that her car tyre is punctured and she have to go somewhere urgently. Pragya hears them talking. Abhi offers to drop Aaliya, Aaliya agrees. While they are in car Aaliya keep forcing Abhi to drive fast. Abhi argues with her to have some patience. Aaliya started guiding Abhi about the way to the hotel. Pragya smells something wrong as the meeting was in evening and Aaliya is going now. Pragya thinks Aaliya is trying to cross check the hotel before the meet.

Pragya calls and tells Dadi and Bulbul that Aaliya has reached the hotel. Aaliya says that she should be informed first about the illness of Producer

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