Balika Vadhu 27th November 2015 |Colors TV: Nimboli compares Anandi with her Mother


 Balika Vadhu Nov 27 Episode: Balika Vadhu is going on major changes in the script and the roles of the different personalities. In the upcoming episodes, Some new actors to be introduced in Balika Vadhu.

Balika Vadhu Friday Full Episode

Harki who was totally broken because of her deeds and involvement in saving Kundan again and again despite the fact that he is a criminal comes to the hospital and starts begging to Mangla for letting her son go. Mangla who was burning from the fire of revenge disagrees with her and warns that she will teach her a good lesson.

Meanwhile Anandi, Ganga and Jagya also entered in the hospital with the police. Mangla pushes her statement back and signifies in a way that Kundan is not responsible for attacking her. Mangla gives excuse that her dupatta got stuck somewhere which caused the marks on her neck. Mangla lies even then to Anandi and Jagya when they asked her when police were gone.

Kundan was about to cry thinking of the Mangla’s statement against the police which may exceed his punishment. Police constable enters the cabin and informs him about his release order and the statement of Mangla. He forcefully told him to pack his bags as soon as possible and Disa has not told the single thing about him.

Mangla and Nimble shares an emotional evening when Nimboli comes to the ward for letting know the condition of her. Ganga gives her an injection which makes Nimboli asks her about her pain. Mangla refuses her to learn the karate as she finds it odd when the little girl asks for her permission to learn that. Nimboli keeps on arguing and tells that now she will learn karate for sure because knife which was given by Disa is not sufficient.


Kundan anger showed up again when they were not greeted in the village and the villagers keep on spitting and passing on bad comments on them. Somehow Harki managed to calm him down.

During the dinner, Akhiraj got a friendship proposal from a fellow prisoner, Badri. Akhiraj who just want to take the revenge took it as an opportunity and apologises for the behaviour in past. Meanwhile, Nimboli assures Disa that she would be alright since she has prayed to the god for her well-doing. Nimboli took out a hurting statement when she compares her mother with Anandi. Nimboli keeps on counting the qualities of Anandi and Mangla was almost about to cry. Mangla thinks of the new plan to make her hate Anandi.

Precap of Balika Vadhu

Mangla goes up with an idea of introducing a stranger women who is in need of money as the mother of Nimboli to her in order to let her hate Anandi.

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